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Male Plus-Size Modelling

written by
Georgia Butler

Sandra Reynolds Curve Model Shane Sandiford


Curve modelling has well and truly made a positive impact on the modelling industry in recent years and we couldn't be more pleased! As a commercial agency, we feel excited to be able to represent such diverse talent and embrace body positivity on a daily basis.

However, while there have certainly been strides made in plus-size modelling for women, it seems that male curve modelling has taken a bit longer to gain the same level of recognition and acceptance and we feel like this needs to change! At Sandra Reynolds Agency, we believe that everyone deserves to see themselves represented in commercial campaigns and we are pleased to see that there is an increasing number of opportunities being made available to curvier men too, as the industry continues to rapidly grow.

2023 has seen an emerging rise in mid and plus-sized brands in London, with Vogue Business stating that 'London topped the rankings this season in terms of plus-size representation, driven by emerging designers'. So, as we see more and more brands creating inclusive clothing lines, the time to be a male curve model is now! 

Have you been thinking about becoming a male curve model and embarking on the route to change with us? We've put together this post to give you a little insight into the world of male plus-size modelling, how to get involved, and introduce you to some of the brilliant curve and mid-sized models that we represent here at Sandra Reynolds Agency. 



Sandra Reynolds Male Curve ModelsView our curve models


What should I know about the male curve modelling industry? 

Plus-size male models and divisions are often known as 'brawn' or 'big and tall'. It's important to mention that 'plus-size' doesn't just refer to general size, but also to men who are tall or have broader shoulders. In the commercial modelling industry, there are a lot of opportunities for mid and plus-size men. 


What size do I need to be? 

At Sandra Reynolds we are looking for both male and female curve models. Female curve models should be a dress size 12 or above. Men (sometimes known as 'brawn' or 'big and tall' models). should be a chest size 46" and above, or a height of 6'4" and over. 


What can I do before applying? 

It's a great idea to build up a social media presence, commercial modelling isn't just about your 'look' we love to see your personality shine through and so do clients. Having a social media presence is a great way to show off your interests, modelling work and personality! 

Although not a requirement to apply to our agency we do advise you to build up your portfolio. Your portfolio is essentially your resume in the modelling industry and it should showcase your best photos and represent who you are. You can start building up a portfolio by contacting local photographers or even friends who have a good camera! 



Curve Male Models Represented By Sandra Reynolds AgencyView our curve models


Curve modelling at Sandra Reynolds 

"It has been really great to see brands embracing all body shapes and sizes for their campaigns. It shows a much fairer representation of our society, compared to what we have seen in previous years. The most important thing I look for in models is confidence. We want our girls and guys to love their bodies and be proud to show them off. This always shines through in their photos and makes our clients want to book again and again." - Head Booker, Jessica Tracey


"One thing I love about my job is that no two days are the same. The industry itself is constantly growing and I am so pleased that it is a much more inclusive and diverse industry to be a part of nowadays. Some of the most frequently booked talent are curve models which speaks volumes in itself!" - Senior Booker, Georgia Butler 


How do I apply to be a curve model? 

We are a highly respected commercial agency, priding ourselves on an honest approach with the aim of building lasting relationships with our models and clients. Though having the right look is important, we also need our models to be friendly, approachable, well-groomed and have a professional attitude. 

Whether you're a curve model based in London or elsewhere, if you reckon you've got what it takes, click here to apply!

To take a look at our curve division click here.

And if you're interested in taking a look at some of our newly recruited curve models take a look here!


Have some questions? please view our 'FAQ's On Joining A Model Agency' blog post here.


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written by Georgia Butler

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