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COVID-19 Shoot Guidelines

On 19th July, most restrictions are being lifted by the Government, however, we recommend that Shoot Guidelines are still adhered to.  Different people have differing attitudes to risk and it is important that everyone feels safe in their working environment.

The pandemic is going to be with us for some time and the more we make safe working practices a part of our everyday workflow, the better prepared we'll be in the advent of a change in circumstances in the future.  Please remember that these are guidelines, not the law.

Introduction & Context
As we navigate our way through the mire that is Covid-19, it is up to all of us to work together and ensure we are working and shooting as safely as possible.

The Government have stated that we should:

●  Wash hands regularly

●  Wear a face covering in enclosed spaces

●  Stay at least 2 meters apart (or 1 meter with a mask on)

Importantly for our industry, the Government have always stated: "Where people cannot work from home they should continue to travel to work. This is essential to keeping the country operating and supporting vital sectors and employers."

Commercial shoots cannot be done from home and therefore the following guidelines have been set out by us, using existing guidelines from the Government, the APA (Advertising Producers Association) and the AOP (Association of Photographers). These will be updated in response to feedback on how they work in practice and new legislation and regulation.

These guidelines should enable our clients and everyone else producing or attending stills and moving image shoots, to take reasonable and practical steps to safeguard themselves and each other in relation to Covid-19 and to meet their obligations to do so.

Medical Information

●  The time between exposure to Covid-19 and the moment when symptoms start is commonly around five to six days but can range from one to 14 days.

●  The isolation period following close contact with an infected person is 10 days.

●  You are considered to have been in close contact with an infected person if you have been within 2 meters of them for more than 15 minutes.

●  Covid-19 is transmitted from an infected person's respiratory secretions or aerosolised droplets (coughs/sneezes) reaching the nose, eyes or mouth of another.

●  The most common symptoms are high temperature, continuous coughing and loss or change to a person’s sense of smell or taste.

●  Some people with Covid-19 show no apparent symptoms.

●  Asymptomatic sufferers may still be infected and there is strong scientific evidence that they can transmit the virus too.

●  Fully vaccinated people can still be infected and can still pass the infection to others, although the risk of both is much lower than for unvaccinated people.

Key Principles
The purpose of social distancing and face coverings/PPE is to break the transmission cycle of the virus and reduce the risk of infection. We should operate on the basis that we could all be asymptomatic carriers and must adhere to the safety principles to minimise risk.

Therefore, the following essential rules should be adhered to by everyone:

●  Maintain 2m-distancing wherever possible (1m with risk mitigation where 2m is not viable is acceptable).

●  Wear a face covering in enclosed spaces.

●  Wash your hands regularly for 20 secs with soap and water or hand sanitiser. Alcohol-based sanitisers should contain at least 60% alcohol.

●  Cough and sneeze into a tissue and bin it immediately.

●  Report Covid-19 symptoms to your employer/production manager.

Where the social distance guidelines cannot be followed in full, productions should take mitigating actions possible to reduce the risk of transmission by:

●  Considering whether an activity needs to continue for the shoot to operate.

●  Keeping the activity time involved as short as possible.

●  Staggering arrival and departure times.

●  Using screens or barriers to separate people from each other.

●  Using back-to-back or side working wherever possible.

●  Reducing the number of people each person has contact with by using fixed teams or partnering.

Best Practices
These are recommendations as to how to structure your production, over and above Government guidelines:

●  Ensure everyone on the production produces a negative Covid test taken within 24 hours of the start of the production.

●  The number of people on location should be kept to a minimum. Only people who are absolutely required to be
present at the shoot should attend.


●  Creative concepts and briefs should be able to be shot in compliance with these guidelines, in order for safe production to take place.

●  Approval from the client should be given as early as possible with as many creative decisions as possible finalised to reduce last-minute changes on shoot days, and to enable proper planning for all health requirements.


Due to insurance policies not covering Covid-19 risks to the production, sufficient finance should be made available to cover the extra provision required in order to comply with this guidance and in order to cover any disruption or extra requirements which may result due to Covid-19, to include (but not be limited to) the following:

●  Extra provision which may be required should regulations change.

●  Replacement of key persons or crew should they become unavailable because of Covid-19.


●  Castings and call-backs should be done from images, self-tapes or video link-ups.

●  When casting children, their supervising adult should remain close at hand. Availability remains dependent on the child’s local authority granting a licence.

●  Those aged 70 or over, or with known pre-existing conditions should be given special consideration and enhanced measures.

●  Consider and agree backup talent and costs where appropriate.

The Shoot

●  Stagger call times where possible to avoid congestion.

●  Keep the unit as small as possible and minimise the number of crew/agency/client/talent on set at any one time.

●  Wash and thoroughly dry hands on arrival and during the day at regular intervals. Alcohol-based (60% minimum)
sanitisers should be easily accessible throughout the set/location as well as soap and water provided wherever

●  Consider a video-conferencing facility relaying video remotely to agency/client.

●  Consider increasing video monitoring on set to avoid clusters of people.

●  All crew to adhere to any safety guidelines or notices given on the day.

●  Consider any space markers where possible.

●  Walkie-talkies/radios to be correctly sanitised, bagged-up and labelled with crew names before distribution - do not share equipment.

Talent On Set

●  Ensure talent are briefed in advance of the shoot as much as possible, including that they are aware and happy if social distancing may not be achievable due to creative or other action required.

●  Where social distancing of talent might not seem achievable, adapt the process(es) as much as possible to be achievable within the guidance and regulations (e.g. use members of the same household, shoot individuals as separate plates and composite in post, etc.).

The Location/Studio - VIEW LOCATIONS

●  It should not be assumed that councils will grant filming/location permits during any lockdowns.

●  Initial location/studio research should be done remotely where possible.

●  Social distancing should be used when visiting locations/studios and meeting property owners/managers.

●  Try to ensure common areas and holding areas are outside wherever possible.

●  Prefer/prioritise for one location, without unit moves, per day.

●  Prefer/prioritise a location in a 4G area, where possible, to transmit live video over the internet if wifi is unavailable.

●  Locations/studios should be well-ventilated. Consider bringing additional equipment to change (not recycle) the air regularly if this is not the case.

●  Avoid the use of vapours, steam and hazers (including but not limited to dry ice, oil, mists or glycol) as they are likely to keep airborne infections in the atmosphere longer.

●  One crew member to meet location owner/manager 10 minutes earlier than the rest of the crew start to arrive for
handover and to go through any queries.

●  Clear communication should be maintained with location owner/manager, regarding finishing time, to ensure same crew member is on site to hand over keys and run through checks, etc. The rest of the crew should be off site at this point.

●  Locations/studios should be cleaned prior to and after shooting. Locations/studios may want to take this on themselves and charge an extra fee for this.

●  Only recce if absolutely necessary. All recces to involve minimum crew who should maintain 2m-
distancing throughout.

●  Location prep (pre-light/set-build/set-dress etc.) should be undertaken separately by one crew/department at a time, where possible.


●  If fittings can be done at home they should be, relayed via video-call or photos.

●  If fittings have to be done in person, the stylist can set up clothes and supervise fitting from a safe distance.

●  Talent should dress themselves wherever possible.

●  If the stylist needs to break social distancing they should avoid face-to-face positioning, remain in fixed teams and refer to the PPE and sanitisation section below.

Hair & Make-Up (HMU)

●  Position HMU stations to allow appropriate social distancing or use Perspex screens between stations.

●  Kit should remain unique to each artist/talent.

●  Appropriate disinfecting processes should be followed - using Barbicide or equivalent.

●  If HMU artist cannot maintain social distancing, they should limit face-to-face positioning or refer to the PPE and
sanitisation section below.

●  HMU should be kept separate from Wardrobe and sufficient space should be made available both departments to maintain social distancing.

All Crew

●  All crew should sign a Health Declaration (a template can be emailed by your producer on request).

●  A person within the team must be allocated on set to be responsible for monitoring Covid-19-related matters whether that is a health and safety officer hired by production or a nominated crew member.

●  During any lockdowns, all crew should be provided with an email confirmation of their engagement or call-sheet, for them to produce if the police question them on their travel to the location.

NB: a waiver of rights by a crew member in respect of their contracting COVID-19 is of no value - UK law does not permit excluding liability for causing injury or death through negligence, so a waiver is not part of this guidance.

Hired Equipment

●  All equipment hire facilities should have their own risk assessments and health and safety practices and should provide you with a copy. Refer to the technician or company's cleaning protocols and make sure they work for your own production.

●  As equipment is usually expensive and specialised, please rely on crew or companies to clean before and after hire with instructions on how to wipe down during hire period for sanitation. Try and only use suppliers with their own clear Covid-19 protocols.


●  Consider individual hot-box or individual pre-packed delivery instead of mobile kitchen or buffet where possible.

●  Consider offering per diems to crew to bring their own meals.

●  Everyone must wash their hands before entering any catering/dining area or before eating.

●  Times for eating should be staggered to minimise numbers congregating together in any one area.

●  Requirements for dining space should allow social distancing to be maintained between people.

●  Disposable, recyclable plates and cutlery should be used.

Overseas Production

●  Any UK based crew or visiting crew/talent/agency/client from other countries must have signed the Health declaration before travel.

●  Check any air bridges and quarantining regulations before confirming crew or travel.

●  Check for any local paperwork needed for visiting crew: visas, health paperwork etc.

●  Check if proof of a negative Covid-19 test is required for anyone travelling either before they leave their own country or on entry into the visiting country, or both.

●  Ensure you are clear with your agency/client on any backup plans or cost-covering measures should a key member of travelling crew or talent fall ill.

●  Ensure you have read and understood the Covid-19 protocols for any service company you are using and distribute to travelling crew/talent/agency/client where needed.

●  Check and ensure all crew adhere to the local rules on social distancing and face coverings.

●  Ensure that anyone travelling without a member of production in attendance, has sufficient self-protection for their journey and is aware of any airline mandates regarding Covid-19 procedures, ie: check-in times, and required use of face coverings.

●  Where possible ensure that anyone travelling to the airport is in a private car, travelling alone, or a suitably sized
vehicle if travelling in a group, and that the vehicle company has adequate hygiene protocols.

●  Should any travelling crew have concerns during their travel or on arrival with any Covid-19 measures, they must inform the production manager.

Health & Safety

●  A full risk assessment, on a job-by-job basis, should be carried out.

●  Consider having a health and safety officer on shoot days for larger-scale shoots.

●  Allocate someone from the crew to be a Covid-19 officer to supervise other elements of Covid-19 preparation and conduct on set.

●  All crew should notify the production manager immediately if they develop any symptoms prior to the shoot and
remain in isolation at home.

●  All crew and talent should provide ICE contacts in case of emergency on the day of shooting.

●  All individuals on the shoot should be contacted subsequently by production manager in the event that any other
individual present on the shoot is found to have contracted Covid-19 within the two weeks following the shoot.

●  If Covid-19 symptoms occur while at home or in temporary accommodation, or the individual receives notification via the NHS Track and Trace system, the individual should isolate for 14 days and notify the production manager immediately, who in turn will need to identify and notify other other crew, talent and contributors who are deemed to have been in close contact and ask them to monitor their own symptoms.

●  All crew and talent should avoid sharing equipment and personal property (mobile phones, pens etc.). Crew must be responsible for the safety and sanitisation of their own items.

Face Coverings/PPE & Sanitisation

PPE should be provided for those needing to wear it:

Tier 1

Face covering and gloves.

●  Face coverings (not medical grade) should be worn by all crew on set where possible. Hands should be washed or sanitised before putting a face covering on and after removing it.

●  Gloves should be made available on set but should be treated as a ‘second skin’ so wearers should continue to apply hygiene precautions (not touching the face, change frequently and dispose of hygienically).

Tier 2

Tier 1 plus face shield or visor/disposable cover suit/respirator mask.

●  Those who need to break social distancing for a length of time to carry out their duties may need to wear tier 2

●  Crew likely to be required to wear tier 2 protection, depending on circumstances, will include (but are not limited to) stylist or HMU if needing to tend to talent, medic if needing to assess symptoms and some cleaning crew.

The following should also be made available:

●  A separate covered bin for safe and immediate disposal of tissues and PPE.

●  Clearly indicated and visible hygiene stations for hand-washing, with plentiful supply of alcohol-based (60% min) hand sanitiser and wipes.

Clear health etiquette to be on posters around set (e.g: Wear appropriate protection at all times / When coughing or sneezing, cover your mouth and nose with your bent elbow / Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth & put down and pickup items rather than handing / Do not shake hands, nor hug & maintain social distancing, etc).

Each individual is responsible for making themselves aware of the guidelines and best practices and taking responsibility for ensuring they abide by these. They are responsible for ensuring their own area and equipment is kept clean and sanitised at all times.

Site credits

This website is owned and operated by Sandra Reynolds Agency Ltd. We are registered in England and Wales under registration number 08743690, and our registered office is at The Drum House, 23 Westwick Street, Norwich NR2 4TT.

Website concept and design: EAST COAST DESIGN STUDIO

Client Terms

All clients should read and understand the following before booking a model.

For the purpose of this agreement, the following industry abbreviations will apply:

“SR” means Sandra Reynolds Agency.
“MODEL” covers any model or actor who is or has been registered at any time for assignments with SR.
“BOOKING” means any job or assignments including but not limited to photographic, shows, commercials, video, films & tv productions, on which a model has been booked by SR.
"CLIENT" means the person or company named on the booking confirmation for whom SR has agreed to provide models.

The headings in this agreement are inserted only for convenience and shall not affect its construction.

SR is a registered employment agency, regulated by the Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Business Regulations, providing agency services to models and actors who are engaged on a self-employed basis.

Any model introduced to a client by SR may only be booked through SR and may not be contacted directly by the client. This may be considered a data breach under GDPR and SR reserves the right to invoice the client any fees to cover all losses incurred in the event of this.

As required by the Regulations, the SR booking confirmation containing the terms of the booking must be signed and returned by the client prior to the booking.  Failure to comply with this may result in the booking being cancelled without notice.


1. All fees are based on the following – including breaks:
Full day = 8 hours
Half day = 4 hours
Minimum booking time = 2 hours

2. The booking will be charged from the time specified by the client for the models arrival and detailed on the booking confirmation. If the shoot runs over the time agreed, an overtime rate will apply.

3. If not detailed on the booking confirmation, overtime is charged at 150% of the hourly rate and taken to the next hour up.

4. Both agency and model fees are included in the fees detailed on the booking confirmation and will be invoiced by SR with VAT and any agreed expenses added where appropriate.

5. If not specified on the booking confirmation, expenses are charged at 50p per mile or the cost of second-class rail fare.

6. All fees quoted are for standard usage unless otherwise detailed on the booking confirmation. The standard use covers the right to use the image in the UK only for up to 1 year unless otherwise agreed in writing.

7. In the event that models from other agencies are working on the same booking providing the same service as models from SR, SR reserves the right to charge at the same rate as the other agency.


1. On all invoices, payment is required within 30 days of the date of invoice. A 10% credit charge per month will be added to all invoices not settled within these payment terms.

2. In all cases the person booking the model will be invoiced and solely responsible for payment, unless otherwise agreed in writing at the time of booking. In the case of non-payment by the person booking the model, SR reserves the right to invoice the 'ultimate client' (i.e. designer/manufacturer/owner of the product in question).  The client should notify all parties affected or potentially affected by this clause as no usage of photographs or footage is permitted by any person or company until all fees have been paid to SR in full.

3. All fees are for the right to use pictures or footage and, once agreed, are payable whether or not the use is appropriated.

If the usage or buyout is only being paid if the Model is featured in the final edit this should be made clear, in writing, prior to the booking taking place, otherwise all fees stated on SR’s booking confirmation will be payable whether or not the usage is appropriated. These cannot be retracted in retrospect.


Additional fees are payable for the right to use the photographs (or reproductions, or adaptations of, or drawings therefrom, either complete or in part, alone or in conjunction with any wording or drawings including electronic imaging) for all known or anticipated purposes other than the initial agreed use detailed on the booking confirmation.


Additional fees are payable for the right to use the footage in any way whatsoever other than the initial agreed usage detailed on the booking confirmation. Unless otherwise agreed, TV commercial usage will be charged as per the rates calculated on

It is the client's responsibility to notify SR and negotiate additional fees (including extensions of existing agreements) for any usage, which may be required.  If additional fees are not agreed prior to extra usage being appropriated, SR reserves the right to charge the client or ultimate client the fees it deems reasonable.

A special fee will be negotiated when the booking is in conjunction with a product which precludes work for competing products. It is the client’s responsibility to check whether conflicting work has been done. If a model advertises a product he/she is able to work for any competitor unless an exclusion fee is negotiated.

A photographer is not entitled to use test and experimental photographs for commercial purposes unless specific arrangements have been made in writing with SR. If test photographs are used for any commercial purpose whatsoever without permission, SR reserves the right to charge any fees it deems reasonable.

SR is committed to safeguarding the interests and privacy of our models. In an era of advancing technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), we recognise the potential risks associated with the misuse of models' images. To ensure the protection of our models, SR prohibits the unauthorised use, replication, or exploitation of model images in AI applications without explicit written consent.

Clients, partners, and third parties engaging with SR are required to adhere to this policy, acknowledging the sensitivity of models' rights to their own likeness. Any AI applications or projects involving model images must obtain prior written consent from the agency, as well as the concerned models, specifying the purpose, duration, and scope of usage.

Any cause for complaint should be reported to SR when it arises. Complaints cannot be considered in retrospect.

Provisional bookings, also known as options or pencils, will be automatically cancelled if they are not confirmed within 24 hours of the proposed booking or if a definite booking is offered and the provisional cannot be confirmed.

If a booking is cancelled within three working days of the starting time, the full fee will be charged unless the same model is re-booked within 24 hours in which case half the fee will be charged.

●  If a booking is cancelled outside the three day period but within five working days of the starting time, 50% of the fee will be charged.

●  If a booking is cancelled outside the five day period, 25% of the fee will be charged.

●  For trips and long bookings; if the booking is cancelled within a period equal to the length of the booking, if longer than three days, then the full fee will be charged.

Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays are excluded from these calculations.

Weather permitting bookings
If a booking is 'weather permitting' this must be made clear at the time of booking. At the first cancellation, half the fee is charged unless the client fails to cancel in time to prevent the model's attendance, when the full fee is payable. At the second cancellation the full fee is charged.

SR reserves the right to charge casting, fitting and rehearsal fees irrespective of whether the model is confirmed for the booking.

The model release form/booking voucher must be signed by the model and client at the end of every booking.

Clients are responsible for models' meals on bookings.

Payment of the agreed fee includes the right to make use of a model's services on the catwalk for the specified show and the right to use photographs and video of the show for reporting purposes only. Any other usage must be negotiated at the time of booking.

SR fully complies with GDPR and is committed to ensuring that any data collected is secure and protected against unauthorised or unlawful processing, accidental loss, destruction and damage. In order to prevent    unauthorised access or disclosure, suitable physical, technical and managerial procedures have been put in place to safeguard and secure the information collected.

The Company Privacy Policy is displayed on the website and this includes the Cookie Policy.  This sets out what data SR collects, how it is used and how it is stored.  Acceptance of these terms and conditions constitute acceptance of our Privacy Policy.

On occasion SR will need to disclose personal data of it’s Models to a Client in order to fulfill a contract.  In these instances, the Client agrees to comply with GDPR and ensure it has implemented appropriate and effective technical and organizational measures to protect such data against unlawful or unauthorized processing and accidental loss or damage.  Under no circumstances shall the Client share this information with any third party or make use of this information for anything at all other than to fulfill the specified contract.  The Client shall permanently erase all data once the use has been appropriated.

For the purpose of having contact numbers on call sheets, the agency office and/or emergency mobile number should be the only number(s) displayed.  The emergency mobile number is answered 24 hours a day.

The client is responsible for the models health and safety when the model is travelling, or providing services in connection with the booking to the same extent as if the model were an employee of the client. The client will maintain adequate insurance cover to underwrite its obligations to the model.

SR is not responsible for any losses which may be incurred if the model fails to attend or is late to the booking. The client is advised to insure against any loss which might result due to this.

These terms and conditions for booking and all other matters connected with the booking are governed by English Law and any dispute will be settled in accordance with that law by a court in England.

The photographer is not entitled to use any of the images he/she takes for any usage beyond that agreed. The photographer to his extent agrees to restrict use of his/her copyright and, if the model agency client is not a photographer, the client is to draw these terms and conditions to the attention of the photographer and obtain his/her agreement to them before the shoot commences.


1. All fees are to be negotiated only with SR.

2. It is not permitted for any person or company to use photographs or footage for any purpose whatsoever until all fees have been paid to SR in full.

3. Whilst every endeavour is made to provide a satisfactory and efficient service to clients we cannot be held responsible for a model's conduct on an assignment.

4. We reserve the right to negotiate within the structure of these terms and conditions.

5. These terms and conditions are without prejudice to any claim against the client.

As a supplier of services, these terms and conditions take precedence over terms and conditions that may be received from the client even when those terms and conditions have a similar clause to this.

Model Terms


(A) SR is engaged in the business of providing agency services to Models and Actors desiring to obtain various assignments and has skill, knowledge and experience in that field.  SR is a registered employment agency, regulated by the Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Business Regulations 2003, for Models and Actors who are engaged on a self-employed basis.

(B) The Model wishes to use the services of SR to try to obtain various assignments.

(C) Both parties wish to clarify their respective rights and obligations during their business dealings together.


1. Interpretation

1.1   In this Agreement:

“MODEL” means any person SR has agreed to represent for various assignments.
"AGREEMENT" means this instrument as it may be amended, modified or supplemented from time to time by the mutual agreement of the Model and SR.
"ASSIGNMENT" means any booking or services normally included in the industry relating to providing agency services.
"CLIENTS" means any persons for whom SR has agreed to provide models for assignments.

1.2   The headings in this Agreement are inserted only for convenience and shall not affect its construction.

1.3   Where appropriate, words denoting a singular number shall include the plural and vice-versa.

1.4   Any Model registering with SR agrees to abide by these Terms and Conditions and accept that they may be updated from time-to-time.  The most recent amendments will be displayed on the website The Model is responsible for checking and understanding amendments prior to each assignment.

2. Duration

2.1   This Agreement shall continue for as long as the Model shall continue to use SR for Services unless and until terminated in accordance with this agreement or by the mutual agreement of the Model and SR.

3. Obligations of SR

3.1   SR shall keep reasonable records relating to the provision of the Services by SR to the Model and at the Model's request shall make them available for inspection and/or provide copies to the Model.

3.2   SR shall make reasonable endeavours to obtain assignments suitable for the Model provided that the Model is not in breach of any of the conditions of this Agreement.

4. Obligations of the Model

4.1   The Model shall arrive to a booking in good time and be fully prepared with all that may be required for the assignment in question including (but not limited to) the specified wardrobe and accessories. 

4.2   The Model must inform SR of a material change in the Model's appearance including but not limited to weight loss/gain, hair colour style and length.

4.3   The Model shall ensure that SR is informed in all reasonable time of the availability and the unavailability of the Model due to holidays and other commitments previously made.

4.4   The Model shall in no circumstances give out the Model's own address or telephone number to or contact a Client which has been introduced to the Model by SR, nor accept work (whether paid or unpaid) from any Client direct.

4.5   The Model agrees to provide SR with proof of identity taking the form of a photocopy of passport or driving licence.  This may be in paper or electronic form.

4.6   The Model understands that while working for a Client, confidential information may be disclosed about the Client or third party Clients and such information may not be disclosed.  The Model shall never release to or discuss with the press any information regarding any booking nor post anything on social media in relation to any client, product or assignment without prior permission from SR.

5. Assignments

5.1   Once an assignment is accepted by the Model through SR, it must then be fulfilled and completed through SR including all extensions and extra usages which may arise.  The Model will be liable to pay all losses in respect of this if the assignment and/or all extensions are not honoured, based on standard fees SR would have charged for the job in question.

5.2   If the Model shall arrive late to an assignment the Model may be charged for the excess wages of any personnel which may be caused as a result of the late arrival of the Model where such personnel are also required to attend the assignment.

5.3   If the Model shall withdraw from a confirmed assignment for any reason other than illness (to be evidenced by a medical certificate) the Model may be liable for all financial losses which may result from such withdrawal.

5.4   If the Model shall withdraw from a confirmed assignment for any reason prior to completion, SR reserves the right to withhold indefinitely all fees for that assignment for damages.  The Client is permitted to use any images and/or footage from the completed part of the assignment.

5.5   The Model understands that within the usage agreed, the Client may change or edit images or footage. They may be cut, edited, added to and/or combined with text, other footage/images/graphics and modified or altered without the Models knowledge or approval. 

5.6   The Model gives consent for SR to negotiate and agree on the Models behalf, to any extra usages which may arise following any jobs secured by SR for the Model during the course of this agreement, even after this agreement has been terminated.  It is the Models responsibility to notify SR of any exclusive contracts the Model may have entered in to with any competing products prior to or following a job done through SR which would preclude them from any further usage being agreed.

5.7   SR reserves the right to negotiate any post-assignment disputes on behalf of the Model.  Any disputes will be dealt with in a way SR deems is fair and reasonable to all interested parties and SR’s decision is final.

6. Payment

6.1   In consideration for the provision of its Services, SR shall receive a percentage of 33.33% (one third) of the total fee due and owing to the Model in relation to an assignment carried out by the Model.  The fee payable to the Model will be stated on the booking confirmation given to the Model prior to each assignment.

6.2   Overseas assignments may carry variations in fees due.  SR will notify the Model of the fee as accurately as possible but there may be fluctuations due to currency conversion and bank charges which are not known until the time of payment.  SR shall be entitled to deduct further fees to cover VAT liabilities for EC clients, bank charges and/or administration costs.

6.3   SR will invoice the Clients on the Models’ behalf for work performed by the Model and raise a self-billed invoice for the Model net of the commission owing to SR.  The Model agrees to accept invoices raised by SR on their behalf.  All fees payable will be made directly to SR.  When the Client has made payment of the fee owing, SR shall then hold this fee for up to 10 days and then pay the Model the fee, net any other fees due to SR such as preparation of publicity material and any NIC deductions which may have been made by the Client as required by law prior to payment being received by SR.

6.4   SR expects to receive payment from the Client 30 days after the completion of the Assignment.  SR shall not be liable to the Model for any late payment by the client or failure of any Client to pay any fee due and owing.

6.5   SR may at its discretion pay in advance of the money being received from the Client.  If this is requested by the Model and authorised by SR, a further 10% will be deducted from the total fees for this service.  SR reserves the right to recover from the Model any advance payment made in the event of the failure of the Client to pay the fee due.

6.6   The Model recognises that being placed on the books of SR does not constitute an offer of employment either express or implied.  The Model is self-employed and this Agreement is concerned with the provision of Agency services to the Model.  The Model is responsible for his/her tax and National Insurance payments and agrees to indemnify SR in respect of any claims that may be made by the relevant authorities against the Model in respect of tax demands or national insurance or similar contributions relating to the provision of the Services by SR to the Model.  The Model understands that SR discloses all financial information regarding work the model has done for SR to the Inland Revenue on request as required by law.

6.7   If the Model is VAT registered they will be responsible for informing SR of their VAT number prior to an assignment taking place and a VAT invoice should be sent within 30 days of each assignment.

6.8   The Model agrees to keep strictly secret and confidential all matters arising or coming into the Model's attention for any reason in connection with the payment of fees to the Model or to any other model using the Services of SR and not at any time for any reason whatsoever to disclose them or permit them to be disclosed to any third party except as permitted by SR.

6.9   Nothing herein contained shall give rise to a partnership between the Model and SR, nor the relationship of employee and employer.

7. Data Protection & Privacy Policy

7.1   In order to promote the Model for assignments, SR needs to collect certain Personal Identifiable Information (PII). This includes contact details, demographic information, personal statistics and bank details. All of this is necessary in order to fulfil these terms and conditions and also to fulfil Client contracts.

7.2   SR fully complies with GDPR and is committed to ensuring that any data collected is secure and protected against unauthorised or unlawful processing, accidental loss, destruction and damage. In order to prevent unauthorised access or disclosure, suitable physical, technical and managerial procedures have been put in place to safeguard and secure the information collected.

7.3   The Company Privacy Policy is displayed on the website and this includes the Cookie Policy.  This sets out what data SR collects, how it is used and how it is stored. Acceptance of these terms and conditions constitute acceptance of our Privacy Policy.

7.4   PII is collected from the Model via an online and/or paper questionnaire and sometimes via email.  When the Model ceases to be with SR, all data is erased except data which is still required in order to contact the Model in the event that extra usage may be requested at a later date. When the Model is removed from the website, some details may still appear on Google searches. This is due to Google indexing which we have no control over. Normally this ceases to appear over time.

8. Exclusivity

8.1   During the continuing of this Agreement SR shall be the Models' only Agency to obtain work in East Anglia. The Model undertakes not to obtain and perform any assignment work related in any way to advertising, sales promotion, fashion, photographic modelling or television/film work acquired externally whether paid or not, except through another Agency based outside East Anglia.

8.2   The Model undertakes to refer all direct Clients within East Anglia to SR.  SR shall deal with these assignments in the same way as all other assignments.

 8.3   If a Model works directly with a Client who has been introduced to the Model by SR, SR may invoice the model and/or Client for the commission lost based on standard fees SR would have charged for the job in question.

9. Promotion & Publicity

9.1   The model undertakes to behave in a professional manner and to promote the Model's name and reputation as well as the name of SR.

9.2   The Model recognises that all photographs relating to the Model and their inclusion in the books, websites and social media of SR and promotional literature to be distributed by SR are essential for SR while operating in the industry. The Model should obtain permission from the copyright holder of any photographs/material given to SR for publicity material to use these photographs/material for the purpose of publicising the Model and SR.  SR shall be entitled to use any such material to promote or publicise its own business as well as that of the Model.  If the Model ceases to use SR as the Models agency, SR shall be entitled to continue to publicise and make use of any material printed and produced before the Model ceased to use SR as the Model's agency. SR reserves the right to promote the Model in any area they feel relevant. SR cannot be held liable for any copyright infringements however caused. All images reproduced are taken in good faith from the Model.

9.3   The Model agrees that the sum of £60 + VAT (£72) will be added to their account on 1st January each year. This fee will be to cover the cost of producing and updating SR publicity material including the cost of maintaining & updating their digital portfolio and updating their casting shots. This fee will be deducted from the Models’ earnings. The Model understands that it costs SR time and money for the initial set up including photographing, processing, editing and adding to the website and agrees that, should the Model decide to leave SR within six months of joining, they will be charged the first year's publicity fee.  This needs to be settled prior to the Model being removed from the books.

9.4   The Model agrees to promote SR as the Models’ agency on any printed or electronic media in relation to the Model including (but not limited to) Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Email and Websites. This should include contact details in the way of either email address [email protected] or a link to the Model’s page on the SR website.

10. Liability

10.1   SR will not accept responsibility or liability for any losses, claims or proceedings incurred by a Model to either persons or property at any time while working, travelling to or from or in connection with any assignment.

10.2   SR will not accept liability for any costs, claims or proceedings due to the cancellation of an assignment.

11. Termination

11.1   SR may immediately terminate this Agreement at any time in the event of the following:-

11.1.1   If SR reasonably considers that the conduct of the Model is not in keeping with the good and valuable reputation of SR.

11.1.2   If SR reasonably suspects that the Model has commenced negotiations with a Client.

11.1.3   If SR receives complaints about the Model's behaviour.

11.1.4   If the Model fails to go to a confirmed booking in breach of this agreement.

11.1.5   If the Model is in breach of any other provision of this Agreement.

11.1.6   In the event of termination, both parties shall honour and the Model shall complete any confirmed assignments/contracts.

12. Governing law and jurisdiction

The validity construction and performance of this Agreement shall be governed by English Law. If any provision or part-provision of this Agreement is or becomes invalid, illegal or unenforceable, it shall be deemed modified to the minimum extent necessary to make it valid, legal and enforceable, if such modification is not possible, the relevant provision or part-provision shall be deemed deleted. Any modification to or deletion of a provision or part-provision under this clause shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the rest of this Agreement.

Pay Next Day Terms


(A) Pay Next Day is a scheme whereby SR would like to pay its eligible models and actors as soon as possible after the job is completed, without waiting for the client to pay SR, as is currently standard in the industry.

(B) Both parties understand that in order for an invoice to be raised for the Client, there is certain information which must be collected and authorised.  This information includes, but is not limited to, travel expenses, overtime and purchase orders. Until this information is received, an invoice cannot be raised and therefore, the final amount payable to the Eligible Model cannot be confirmed.

(C) These terms are in addition to the Model Terms which are agreed to and signed by models and actors when they are accepted onto the agencies books.  Once these Pay Next Day Terms are signed, they will replace clauses 6.2, 6.3, 6.4 and 6.5 from the Model Terms.  All other sections of the Model Terms will still apply.


"ELIGIBLE MODEL" means any model or actor who has been notified by the agency as being eligible and who has agreed to the Pay Next Day Terms and activated this via their online profile.
"AGREEMENT" means this instrument as it may be amended, modified or supplemented from time to time by SR.
"ASSIGNMENT" means any booking or services which are normally included in the industry relating to the provision of agency services.
"CLIENTS" means any persons for whom SR has agreed to provide Eligible Models for assignments.


An Eligible Model is a model, actor or family who has been registered with SR for a period of at least six months from 1st January 2021, and has, through SR after this date, accrued Net earnings of at least £1000. Each month, any new models who have met this criteria will be notified that they are eligible to join the scheme. Once the model has agreed to the terms, they will be added to the scheme.


Any Eligible Model agreeing to the Pay Next Day Terms with SR accepts that they may be updated from time-to-time.  The most recent amendments will be displayed on the website The Eligible Model is responsible for checking and understanding amendments prior to each assignment.

The following clauses replace clauses 6.2 – 6.5 in the Model Terms for the duration of this Agreement:

Once a job has been fully completed, SR will obtain all expenses, overtime and purchase orders necessary to raise the invoice for the Client.  SR will also raise a self-billed invoice for the Model, net of the commission owing to SR.  The Model agrees to accept invoices raised by SR on their behalf.  Once the invoice has been received and approved by the Client, the Model will be paid on the next working day, net any other fees due to SR such as preparation of publicity material and any NIC deductions which may be required by law prior to payment being received by SR.

Other Currencies
Overseas assignments and assignments invoiced in other currencies such as the Euro or US Dollar are excluded from Pay Next Day.  This is due to other countries having different terms and rates for tax and payments, and the variations and fluctuations due to currency conversion and bank charges.  These jobs will be paid according to the Model Terms.

Usage & Buyouts
Usages and buyouts will be invoiced separately and will only be paid once they have been confirmed as going ahead by the Client.

Fee Recovery
SR reserves the right to recover from the Model any advance payment made in the event of the failure of the Client to pay the fee due.

An Eligible Model understands that there may be situations out of the control of SR which means the scheme will need to be suspended or terminated. In the event of this, SR will notify all Eligible Models in writing with one week’s notice. In this instance, the Model Terms in full will apply from the date of termination.

Privacy Policy
In order to conduct its business activities, it is necessary for Sandra Reynolds Agency to act as a data controller with respect to gathering and using the personal data of individuals. These can include clients, suppliers, employees, models, actors and other people the company has a relationship with or may need to contact. This policy sets out how we collect, use and protect any information you give us when you use this website and/or our services.
We are committed to safeguarding your privacy. Should we ask you to provide certain information, you can be assured that it will only be used in accordance with this policy. We may be required to update this policy from time to time in order to remain legal and compliant. You should check this page periodically to ensure that you are happy with any changes.

This GDPR Privacy Policy ensures Sandra Reynolds Agency:
●  Complies with GDPR and follows good practice;
●  Protects the rights of employees, models, actors and clients;
●  Is open about how it stores and processes individuals’ data;
●  Protects itself from the risks of a data breach;
We may collect the following information:
●  Name, company name and job title;
●  Contact information including telephone number and email address;
●  Business address and postcode;
●  Other information relevant to your enquiry or to enable us to fulfil a contract or terms & conditions.

Models & Actors represented by the agency
●  Name;
●  Contact information including telephone number and email address;
●  Demographic information including address and postcode;
●  Statistics and work experience;
●  Images and videos;
●  Preferences and interests;
●  Other information relevant to promoting you for work in the correct areas and to enable us to fulfil a contract or terms & conditions.

New Models & Actors applying to the agency
●  Name;
●  Demographic information;
●  Images/videos and statistics to enable us to assess whether you are suitable to be offered a place on the agencies books.
Employees and Freelancers
●  Name;
●  Contact information including address, telephone number and email address;
●  Details of previous work and/or employment;
●  Other information to enable us to fulfil a contract or terms & conditions.

Clients & Suppliers
For Business to Business clients and contacts, our lawful reason for processing your personal information will usually in the first instance be “legitimate interests”. Under this we can process your information if we have a genuine and legitimate business reason and we are not harming any of your rights and interests. Once you enter into a contract with us our lawful reason becomes “contractual obligation”. This also includes steps taken at your request before entering into a contract.

Models, Actors & Employees
For Business to Consumer clients and contacts, our lawful reason for processing your personal information will usually be “contractual obligation” e.g. to supply services you have requested, or to fulfil obligations under an employment contract or terms and conditions. This also includes steps taken at your request before entering into a contract.

We require this information to understand your needs and provide you with a better service and in particular, for the following reasons:
●  To provide ongoing customer service and maintain internal record keeping including for accounting purposes;
●  To enable contact by email or phone in relation to the enquiry you have made with us;
●  To periodically send update emails about new models/actors or other information relevant to your enquiry. You may unsubscribe from receiving these emails at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link which is included at the bottom of all our update emails.

Models & Actors
We require this information to understand the areas of work we can put you forward for and in particular, for the following reasons:
●  Internal record keeping including accounting purposes;
●  To keep our website up-to-date with the correct information for clients;
●  We may contact you by email or phone in relation to work enquiries;
●  We may periodically send update emails using the email address which you have provided. You may unsubscribe from receiving these emails at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link which is included at the bottom of all our promotional emails.

New Models applying to the agency
We require this information to assess whether you are suitable to be offered representation with the agency.
Employees and Freelancers
We require this information, in order to fulfil your employment contract.

We are required to keep documents, contracts etc. for the length of the contract as a minimum and for up to seven years afterwards as a maximum. We will determine this on a case-by-case basis after taking into account the individual circumstances and will only keep data which is necessary for us to fulfil our contractual obligations. Any personal data held by us for marketing updates will be kept by us until such time that you notify us you no longer wish to receive this information.

We are committed to ensuring that your information is secure and protected against unauthorised or unlawful processing, accidental loss, destruction and damage. In order to prevent unauthorised access or disclosure, we have put in place suitable physical, technical and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect.
Personal data collected in paper form is stored in locked filing cabinets and shredded when no longer required.
IT Systems
We have completed an internal cyber security risk assessment and applied suitable controls to reduce or mitigate any vulnerabilities or threats. Personal data stored in digital format is on secure cloud servers hosted in the United Kingdom with access to data highly restricted for approved business purposes only.

Despite all the controls we have put in place to address all the key GDPR principles, there is still always a risk a data breach may happen. In the unlikely event of this, the breach will be notified to all data subjects affected without undue delay. If appropriate, this will also be reported to the ICO within 72 hours of us becoming aware. The person who should be informed of any breaches is named at the bottom of this policy and is contactable by email at all times.

A cookie is a small file which is placed on your computer's hard drive and helps analyse web traffic or lets you know when you visit a particular site. Cookies allow web applications to respond to you as an individual. The web application can tailor its operations to your needs, likes and dislikes by gathering and remembering information about your preferences.

We use some unobtrusive cookies to identify which pages are being used. This helps us analyse data about web page traffic and improve our website in order to tailor it to client needs. We only use this information for statistical analysis purposes and then the data is removed from the system.

Overall, cookies help us provide you with a better website, by enabling us to monitor which pages you find useful and which you do not. A cookie in no way gives us access to your computer or any information about you, other than the data you choose to share with us.

You can choose to accept or decline cookies. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can modify your browser setting to decline cookies if you prefer. This may prevent you from taking full advantage of the website however. You can find out more about cookies by visiting the All About Cookies resource website.

Our work for you may occasionally require us to pass your information to our service providers and for the purpose of delivering our services to you. Where we are entering into an engagement with a third party, we will seek to be satisfied that they have secure measures in place so your privacy rights continue to be protected as outlined in this policy.

We only disclose information that is necessary to deliver our services and we never allow your personal data to be used by any third party for any market research, marketing or other commercial purposes. Under GDPR law, we may be required to disclose your data for compliance with a legal obligation to which we are subject, or in order to protect your vital interests or the vital interests of another natural person. We may also be required to disclose your personal data where such disclosure is necessary for the establishment or defence of legal claims, whether in court proceedings or in an administrative or out-of-court procedure.

Your principle rights under GDPR are:
●  The right to be informed;
●  The right of access;
●  The right to rectification;
●  The right to erasure;
●  The right to restrict processing;
●  The right to data portability;
●  The right to object; and
●  The right not to be subject to automated decision-making, including profiling.

This means you have the right to know what data we are holding for you at any time, the right to access this data, change it and/or have it removed from any further processing activity.

If you would like to contact us with a subject access request, please use the email address [email protected] with ‘GDPR Subject Access Request’ in the subject line. We will contact you within ten days of receiving this request.

If you are unhappy with the way your subject access request has been dealt with, you have the right to report a concern with a supervisory authority. In the UK, this is the Information Commissioner’s Office

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