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Why should I be with a model agency?

written by
Jessica Tracey

Have you ever wondered what actually goes on in a modelling agency? Or perhaps you’re looking for representation and want to know how it all works? Keep reading as Sandra Reynolds' Head Booker Jessica Tracey, explains the benefits of being with an agency, as a model or actor.


What does a model booker do?

Within a modelling agency, there is a whole team of people working behind the scenes. Model bookers are in charge of putting models forward for work, drawing up contracts for jobs and liaising with clients. Our bookers nurture relationships with models and clients, often leading to repeat bookings and therefore more work for our models. At Sandra Reynolds, our bookers also work closely with our new faces team scouting new models and giving them advice on portfolio building, organising test shoots and making sure models are fully prepared to be put forward for work. 

“We really try to look after our models through every step of the booking process, it’s important to us that they trust us to put them forward for jobs that suit and benefit them”. 

Bookers carefully screen clients to make sure that jobs are correct for the model, ensuring that they also know everything about the job a model is being sent on such as its location, job length as well as how and where images/videos will be used. 

Sandra Reynolds Agency Model Booker Georgia Butler


Why do I need a model agency?

Being represented by an agency takes away the stress and makes it as easy as possible to get modelling/acting work. At Sandra Reynolds, we have over 45 years of booking experience under our belts and so really know our markets thoroughly. Our bookers go through all the contractual agreements with clients to ensure our models are getting fair rates and are paid as they should be for the jobs they take on.

Agencies have all the knowledge when it comes to licensing and safeguarding junior models and the legal understanding to ensure that our models are protected. Bookers carefully pick clients to work with, sending models out on jobs that are worthwhile and will help develop their careers.


What are the benefits of being with a model agency?

Representation with a modelling agency has a myriad of benefits.  Bookers are always on hand to give friendly and helpful advice to models, looking after their best interests. At SR we also offer photography advice to get your portfolio up to date helping with the casting process and we have a vast, established, client database giving models access to jobs they would otherwise not hear about. Many clients will only book professional models who have agency representation - having an agency behind you means that your booker will work hard to ensure that the jobs you are put forward for are lucrative and will negotiate to get you the best rates. If a model's images are intended for use in print, online and on billboards, an agency will ensure that your pay reflects this. 

“We work hard to maintain and nurture relationships with our clients, this way they come back to us again and again.”

Sandra Reynolds Models For Nuttch


How do I join Sandra Reynolds?

If you are an aspiring model or a professional model seeking a new agency, you can head to our ‘join our agency’ page to apply here.

If your application is successful we will then invite you to meet our bookers and have your casting shots taken. From here we can decide if you are right for our agency and markets.

Upon accepting you to join Sandra Reynolds you will be added to our website and our bookers will begin pushing you forward to our clients so you can start working.

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written by Jessica Tracey

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