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#THISISME Model Jordan Bone "Taking Control Of A Body I Can't Control"

written by
Jodie Moss

Sandra Reynolds This Is Us model Jordan Bone


We aim to give our models and talent a platform to share their stories. Within the industry there is an underrepresentation of models and talent who feature within our THIS IS US divisions, through our new blog series #THISISME we hope to continue to widen this pool and showcase more diverse stories...

In our latest interview, we caught up with SR model, Jordan Bone, Jordan joined our THIS IS US disabled model division earlier this year and we are so excited to have her on our books. As well as being a beauty blogger, Jordan shares a lot of awareness about her disability on social media, even releasing her own book 'My Beautiful Struggle'. Read on to find out more about Jordan and her modelling journey so far...




SR: When did your journey into modelling begin? 

JORDAN: Back when I was 17 I reached out to a modelling agency as I had always loved the idea of being a model. However, back then you didn't see many disabled models represented by modelling agencies so I didn't even hear back. I then contacted an agency specifically for disabled models - I had a couple of opportunities but not many. As the years past I created more of an online presence and began to work with brands on different campaigns. Therefore, I feel pretty new to the modelling industry but have modelled for years - just in a slightly different way.


SR: How did you hear about SR?

JORDAN: From my friend, Stefan Boehm. He told me how amazing SR is so I reached out and here we are, the start of a fabulous journey.

Jordan Bone Sandra Reynolds This Is Us Model

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SR: Your statement “taking control of a body I can’t control” is a powerful one, could you explain why this resonates with you?

JORDAN: As a disabled woman, it is often difficult but important to have body autonomy. I have to have help with most daily tasks which means I have to rely on others a lot, I also cannot control how my spinal cord injury is going to affect my day. Therefore, showing up in a way I decide to is very necessary to me. Whether that means wearing sexy lingerie, being fully made up, makeup-free, or in a stylish outfit - this is all in my control, unlike a lot of my life. This is why spreading awareness about these things on social media is important to me, helping other disabled people to feel empowered in some part of their life really matters. We may not be able to control certain aspects of our lives but we can decide how we show up and use our voices.


SR: You’ve mentioned recently that you’d like to be involved in a lingerie campaign. What do you think it would mean to the disabled community to see themselves represented in commercial lingerie campaigns more often?

JORDAN: This is a huge goal of mine at the moment. When I was younger I never saw myself represented and I want to be someone who represents the disabled community (the largest minority group yet often left behind). Disabled women are not often seen as sexy and are seen as an 'inspiration' or a 'victim' where in fact we are so many things, every person on this planet is different and we all have uniqueness, that doesn't have to place us all in one box. I want to show we can be sexy, we can be confident, we can be worthy to be admired, and worthy of being represented. The more disabled people that are seen the more chance for equality in other aspects of our lives such as accessibility. I know it'll make a difference to the community because we will be seen as we are, not just because of our disability. Disabled people need to be seen and heard and I feel so confident and empowered doing lingerie shoots so it just feels aligned.

Sandra Reynolds Model Jordan Bone

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SR: What would you say to someone who is thinking of becoming a model but feels like confidence is holding them back? 

JORDAN: You have this one life, go for it. The more you put yourself out there the more confidence you will gain and you never know until you try. There may be knockbacks but you keep going because you are worthy and something will happen for you. I'm still on my journey but will never give up and I hope this is a sign for you to do the same.


It was lovely to speak to Jordan about her modelling journey so far. At SR we believe that everyone deserves to see themselves represented within commercial campaigns and we are glad to see that more and more campaign briefs are coming through for our THIS IS US models and talent. We wanted to catch up with SR Senior Booker Georgia to see what changes she has noticed over the last few years…

"It is really refreshing to see the industry constantly evolving and allowing an equal opportunity to everyone. This is what keeps my job interesting, as no two days are ever the same. Whether this is the briefs that I am working on or the talent that I’m scouting! It’s great that the industry can now be seen in a more positive light in terms of diversity and inclusivity, and as a team, we feel very proud to be part of this journey here at SR." - Senior Booker, Georgia Butler 

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written by Jodie Moss

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