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The Benefits of Influencer Marketing

written by
Jemima Preedy


The Benefits of Influencer Marketing


There are many benefits of influencer marketing, with the industry being a game-changer for brands. With traditional means of advertising & marketing costing thousands of pounds to produce and list campaign materials, more and more brands are channelling their budgets into the extremely successful and cost-efficient ways of the exciting new media: Influencer Marketing.

In 2016 Influencer Marketing was recorded as a $1.7 billion industry, this has since exploded with 2022’s records having been listed as $16.4 billion dollars. With experts only predicting further growth, here is why your brand needs to explore Influencer Marketing and how Sandra Reynolds can help:


One of the biggest benefits of influencer marketing is that unlike the traditional ways of advertising your product, working with influencers is an easy and cost-effective way of tapping into and taking advantage of a refined target audience. Put it like this, 1000 people walk past a billboard that you spent thousands of pounds to advertise your product on, and only 20 of those people may look up from their phones and pay attention, however, only 5 people show interest in your brand, and if you are lucky you may get 1 or 2 sales from it.

Good Influencers have spent years developing a large organic audience, with the majority of their followers sharing common interests and taking recommendations from them as if they were a friend. Should you choose to collaborate with an influencer, your brand will hit the exact audience you intend to target, at the fraction of the price.



There are many benefits of influencer marketing, but staying relevant is one of it’s most lucrative. It is an easy way of staying on top of trends and adapting to societal changes. The recent pandemic affected traditional marketing and advertising, however with more people on their phones than ever before, social media and online marketing only saw a spike in ROI. The majority of Influencers are self-employed, therefore it is in their best interest to keep up with trends and styles. By placing your product with them, you are allowing their creative control to reflect your brand under a relevant/trend-driven approach.



Finding the right Influencer is key to a successful Influencer Marketing strategy. With thousands of options, thinking about who you would like to promote your product is important. From Nano influencers (1000 - 10,000 followers) to Mega influencers (1,000,000+ followers), budget, audience and engagement are all something to consider.

This can be daunting, so working with an agency like Sandra Reynolds will allow you to take advantage of the highly knowledgeable and professional team of bookers, who will suggest talent that is most relevant to your brand and needs.



Another one of the many benefits of influencer marketing is that by working with an Influencer, you will have direct access to their analytics and data reach while the content is live, so you can analyse how your partnership is performing. Tracking data such as the number of page views, impressions, and engagement the Influencer has received on their posts will allow you to understand exactly how successful the collaboration is and if you would like to work with them again. It is also an accurate way of tracking ROI, unlike traditional media.


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Sandra Reynolds Influencer Blaise Tykal Simmons-Johnson


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Sandra Reynolds Influencer David Calderon


In 2018, Sandra Reynolds added an influencer division to our books, having recognised that influencers were joining models at the forefront of brand marketing and advertising.  Get in touch with our Influencers Booker [email protected] to book an influencer for your next campaign. Or call the booking desk 0207 387 5858.

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written by Jemima Preedy

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