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News From The Booking Desk: January

written by
Jessica Tracey

The ground floor of our building is home to the Sandra Reynolds team of bookers and is always a buzzing hive of activity... Each month we share a little bit of news from the booking desk, so read on to find out what we have been up to in January!

This month is an exciting one, featuring a fun campaign shoot for our hand model Mirabel with, a new SR running club and some brilliant new faces joining the #SRFamily.


Sandra Reynolds Model Agency Team

We have been listening to: We've enjoyed listening to BBC Radio 1 Breakfast with Greg James - always a great start to our mornings.

We have been reading: Bored of Lunch: The Healthy Slow Cooker Book by Nathan Anthony.

Favourite brands we’ve worked with: Mercedes, Missguided, Superdrug, NXT Hair, Tesco, Hotpoint, Nuttch, Fnatic, Secret Linen Store,, and The Other House.

What's next for SR: We have many wonderful ideas for the year ahead, stay tuned across our socials to find out what they are and to let us know what you think about some new division ideas!...




What's the saying again... new year, new goals? This month we have all pushed ourselves to try new things such as yoga, meditation and pilates with the brilliant Stacey Grey as our yoga guide. We had our first lesson this week where Stacey guided us through a relaxing pilates class and shared some meditation methods with the team which we are all going to start incorporating into our day. We really enjoyed this experience and can't wait for more sessions throughout the year - do you have a new experience you'd like to try this year, or something you have started and are really enjoying? Let us know on our socials.

Some of the team have also started up a running club this month which is a great way to stay active throughout the week, we are also lucky enough to have our head office in the historical part of a beautiful city and close to a river, so it's been lovely for the SR running club to incorporate a scenic run into their busy days. A special shoutout to Locations Agent Rhiannon who recently completed her first 20k run (how amazing!). 

Have you seen our new head office? - click here


Sandra Reynolds Model Agency team running club and pilates



As a busy model agency, our talented team of bookers provide models and talent for both photographic campaigns and TV commercials for some of the world's best-known brands. We have been lucky to work with some wonderful clients already this year, recently booking models and talent for Mercedes, Missguided, Superdrug, NXT Hair, Tesco, Hotpoint, Nuttch, Fnatic, Secret Linen Store,, and The Other House (to name just a few!). 

If you have a creative brief and would like to get in touch with our booking desk, please contact us at 020 7387 5858.

Have a browse of some more recent work here

Sandra Reynolds Model Agency recent work

Ezekiel for The Other House & Abbie, Amy, Bella & Kim for Nuttch




Recently we booked our talent Mirabel Stuart on a commercial campaign for (the tailor-made dog food brand!). This was a hand shoot, meaning that only Mirabel's hands were featured in the campaign video. Although quite a niche area of modelling, our speciality hands division is full of talented and skilled hand models, Mirabel being one of them - we knew she would be perfect for this shoot!

We asked Mirabel what it was like to work with on their fabulous new campaign... 

SR: "How did your journey into hand modelling begin?"

MIRABEL: "I started out in this industry acting and modelling, and about a year or so in I was discovered as having pretty hands! I realised, although super niche, it's a speciality and skill in itself as clients often want product shots. I guess that's why we have to show our hands in some self-tape idents! I suddenly got known for my hands and it continued from there!"

SR: "We know some models like to practise their poses before a shoot, are there any steps you take before having a hand modelling shoot?"

MIRABEL: "I know some hand models use a lot of hand cream but for me, cuticle oil is a secret night before top tip! I would say I have worked on my jewellery poses (rings etc are a popular hand model job) but there's often a lot of skill required which you have to quickly get to grips with (excuse the pun) on the day of the shoot. This could be getting the perfect butter swirl, pouring the exact amount of fizz level to a drink, painting your own nails on camera or creating doggy packages for!"

SR: "What was it like to work with the fabulous team?"

MIRABEL: "It was a great day, at one of my favourite studios Duke Island (love their catering!) and cosy green rooms. Everyone was super friendly, it was a female director (which at last isn't such a rarity!) The dogs were so cute and we finished ahead of schedule! Always a win!"

SR: "Did you have a favourite moment on set?"

MIRABEL: "My favourite moment was probably when a dog tried to jump up to a table and eat all the treats in one! Another highlight was being given a whole load of goodies to give my sister's puppy. They are superfoods for doggies and went down a treat. They say don't work with kids or animals but I find them the most fun!"

View our hand models here

Sandra Reynolds Hand Model Mirabel for



We are always welcoming lots of new faces to the #SRFamily and we've already started thinking of all the exciting campaigns and opportunities that our new face talent for January will be a part of across our divisions. Make sure to look out for their work in the coming months and keep up to date with the new face models that we introduce on the blog!

Check out our SR blog

Check out our SRJ blog

Sandra Reynolds Agency new faces for January

If you have a creative brief and are looking to book some of the most talented commercial models and actors in the industry, contact our booking desk today! 020 7387 5858 or email our head booker Jessica Tracey at [email protected].



It's been a great start to the year! Two birthdays this month, for Senior Actors Booker Hannah and our Managing Director Tessa and another three coming up soon for Alex, Rhiannon and Daisy (we can't wait to celebrate!). Some more updates from the SR team... Digital Marketing Coordinator Jodie visited Harry Potter Studios this month which she highly recommends, Apprentice Booker Katie recently passed her driving test, the team celebrated my new home and our office dogs are as happy as ever!

We have loved seeing all of our models and talent's behind-the-scenes content from their photographic campaigns and TV commercials this month. Our talent Niamh Conway also shared a wonderful Instagram Reel showing her top tips for doing your own hair and makeup when there isn't an MUA on set - check out the video here.

We look forward to even more exciting opportunities next month so stay tuned for more SR updates! 

Sandra Reynolds outtakes for January featuring the Sandra Reynolds team and talent


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020 73987 5858

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written by Jessica Tracey

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