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meet the model & influencer: pearl froud

written by
Jodie Moss

Meet model and influencer, Pearl!

Pearl tells us that it has always been a dream of hers to model. As a curve model, she loves to share her confidence and provide representation for other curve women. 

Having worked with brands including Adidas, Chi Chi London, Fat Face, Bodyform and Skims, Pearl is no novice so we caught up with her to learn more about her career, what she enjoys doing outside of work and how she manifested her dream modelling job.


Pearl Froud - Meet The Model

What inspired you to become a model and influencer? 

"As a young girl I never felt like I was enough and looking back I realise it was because I never saw any girls or women that looked like me in the modelling industry. The plus size girl was always the token model or the one who stood out like a sore thumb. As I grew up, I gained a lot more confidence in myself because I quickly realised that I had to be the one to make myself feel beautiful and it wasn’t going to be easy. If I can help one gorgeous girl feel better about her curvy body by seeing me in fashion, beauty and commercial campaigns then it makes all my struggles worth it. My goal is to help shift the stereotype of plus size women in the industry, and although it is changing there is still a long way to go and I’m determined to be involved in making that change".


Do you have a favourite client that you enjoy working with?

"I love working with Chi Chi London. They are such a friendly team and the clothes are gorgeous!"


Tell us about your funniest moment on set...

"It was when I was modelling underwear for a body-positive campaign and the director on set told me to turn around to show off my bum... as I turned, my foot made the most ridiculous farting sound and it had the whole crew laughing #EasyIceBreaker".


What has been your favourite job so far?

"I am a strong believer in manifestation and I keep a folder full of all my dream clients. Adidas has always been at the top of that list due to it being a leading sportswear brand that everyone knows! Stemming from this, it felt almost unachievable as a plus-size model to be cast for a huge sportswear brand so that was my motivation: I thought if I can work for Adidas, then I can work for anyone and as it was, a global campaign for Adidas turned out to be one of the first model jobs Sandra Reynolds booked me on!"


Adidas campaign featuring Pearl Froud


Do you have any other professions outside of modelling and influencing? 

"I have a degree in fine art photography and I absolutely love shooting with women to inspire the same confidence that I have recently gained. I offer therapy photography to help boost people's confidence in front of the camera!"


How do you like to spend your downtime when you're not working?

"I am really close to my family. I have quite a few nieces and I think it’s really important for them to know that they are beautiful no matter what. They love that I’m a model so when I’m not on set, I’m spending time with my family and my gorgeous nieces telling them stories about my work".


Why do you love having Sandra Reynolds as your agency?

"They are the most amazing team and I feel so blessed to have such a gorgeous agent Georgia".

Senior Stills Booker, Georgia says "I feel very fortunate to be Pearl’s Mother Agent, we have established a fantastic working relationship since signing her and it is always a pleasure to deal with her. Pearl is not only beautiful on the outside but on the inside too, this goes a very long way in the industry. Pearl has already worked with some fantastic brands including; Adidas, Bodyform, FatFace & Augustinus Bader to name just a few and this list will continue to grow as we work as a team along with her positive, professional and eager work ethic."

Pearl continues, "I'm beyond grateful that I signed with Sandra Reynolds, I wouldn't want it any other way! I can't wait to see what this year will bring me, I'm ready to work even harder to tick off some more of my dream clients".


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written by Jodie Moss

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