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Embracing Grey Hair With Hair Model Silvina Neder

written by
Jodie Moss

Grey Hair Sandra Reynolds Actor Silvina Nedar

We take great joy in celebrating the individual successes of our models and actors at Sandra Reynolds Agency by recognising their hard work and dedication to their craft, and by providing them with the support and resources that they need to continue growing and thriving in their careers. 

Recently, our wonderful actor Silvina Neder founded her own haircare line. Not only is Silvina a talented actor but also an SR grey hair model, ambassador, and pro-aging champion, Silvina London is a new standard in grey hair care, designed to enhance the beautiful natural shades of silver hair, be gentle with the planet, and make you proud of going grey.

As we age, our hair goes through various changes, one of which is the appearance of grey hair. Many people view grey hair as a sign of aging and tend to cover it up with dyes and hair colors. However, we love how Silvina London promotes embracing going grey, after all, it's a beautiful and natural part of the aging process.


"It has been lovely to see the modelling industry shift to truly embrace natural beauty. High profile brands are helping drive this change by actively seeking models that represent our society more fairly, including booking models with grey hair. We would love to hear from both aspiring and existing models who fit this profile and wish to join the SR family." - Head Booker, Jessica Tracey.

“Whether it’s the number of briefs that we receive on a daily basis or the amazing new talent that we are on the lookout for, it is clear to see that the industry is open to talent of all ages and appearances. We love nothing more than women feeling empowered by their greying hair and embracing these changes! As Silvina’s agents, we feel very proud of the product that she has created and can’t wait to watch her business grow” - Senior Booker, Georgia Butler.





SR: Where did you find your inspiration to start Silvina London?

SILVINA: When I finished my transition to grey, I was very excited with my new silver hair, but I struggled to find the proper shampoo and conditioner. I needed a blue shampoo to avoid brassiness, but all those blue or purple shampoos that I tried (from mainstream to the most expensive ones) were full of nasty chemicals, made my hair badly dry, and worst of all if I used any of them twice in a row, they left an artificial blue shade on my hair.

At the same time, I was following a Curly routine, which aims to restore the natural properties of the hair, so bans products that contain silicones, sulphates, and parabens. I couldn’t find any shampoo that avoids brassiness but passes this screening.

It was then, in 2018, that I decided to create my own gentle and naturally derived grey hair care line.


SR: How long did it take to get to where you are now? 

SILVINA: We worked together with a laboratory for almost four years until we finally got to the right naturally derived formulas. Those which hydrate and nourish the hair with the reassurance that, thanks to its gentle blue pigments, brassiness is banished. And, even used on every wash, the hair won’t turn to that artificial blue shade. 

After lots of testing, I launched Silvina LONDON in Dec 2022, and I am thrilled to hear the positive feedback from people using Silvina LONDON, both silver-haired and blondes.


Sandra Reynolds grey Haired Actor Silvina


SR: What feedback are you getting back from your customers?

SILVINA: Customers who bought the shampoo and the conditioner say they achieved a perfect bright non-yellowish shade, and that their hair is super hydrated and voluminous.

I have been using both products (exclusively) every day for more than 2 years, and my hair has never looked and felt so good, strong, and healthy. Moreover, men using Silvina LONDON say they find they have more hair growth.

Bringing new brands to such a competitive market is incredibly tough, but all this amazing feedback from users keeps me going. When the idea of this project started, I never imagined that the laboratory and I could create such a wonderful line, so I couldn’t be happier.

I truly recommend anyone with grey hair (or blondes who want to avoid brassiness) to try Silvina LONDON.  Embracing my grey hair felt incredibly empowering, and I want other women to feel the same!


SR: Did you have grey hair when you started modelling?

SILVINA: I had just arrived in London and was about to turn 50, and after having considered the idea for many years, I decided to embrace my real look and stop concealing my white hair. To my surprise, along with the immediate time and money saving benefit, I started to receive compliments for my silver hair, everywhere I went! I was working in market research at the time and playing with the idea of something different. When I finished my transition to grey, I had photos taken for my market research website. During the photo shoot, the photographer mentioned, "Silvia, you should be a model, I don't have to tell you what to do! In 5 minutes we had the photos". Those words stayed in my mind. 

I arrived home and googled "Grey hair models" and Sandra Reynolds popped up. I sent those 'business' like portraits and on that very same week, I booked my first job! I started being busy, enjoying shooting days so much that I pressed DELETE on my market research website, and started working as a model, actor and grey hair influencer, I've been full time since then.

 Loads of women, especially during the pandemic, found inspiration in seeing someone feel great about having their natural grey hair, and I kept getting asked for recommendations on grey hair products. I found it difficult not only to recommend, but to find the proper grey hair products myself, and it was then that I decided to create Silvina LONDON. Now I model and manage Silvina LONDON, so I am quite busy!


SR: What has been your favourite campaign to date at SR?

SILVINA:  I can't say I have a favourite one. On some campaigns I praise the final photos or films, and on others I enjoy producing the footage so much that I remember those campaigns forever in my heart.  However, I really like one campaign I did though Sandra Reynolds for Coast fashion. We were women from different ages, looks, etc, and we all looked amazing in very bright, colourful, statement outfits.  I love each and every photo from that campaign. I love the diversity of the models, as it was one of the first high street brands to launch a campaign with an older, grey haired model.


Final thoughts...

We are truly inspired by Silvina's journey and her dedication to creating a haircare line that addresses the specific needs of grey hair. It's evident from the positive feedback of her customers that Silvina's products have made a significant impact, providing hydration, banishing brassiness, and promoting healthy hair growth. Silvina's decision to embrace her grey hair and embark on a modelling career has not only brought her personal fulfillment, but also serves as a source of empowerment for women to embrace their natural beauty. Her favourite campaign with Coast fashion, featuring diverse models, showcases the importance of representation and inclusivity in the fashion industry. Silvina's story highlights the transformative power of embracing individuality and creating products that cater to the unique needs and aspirations of individuals, ultimately redefining beauty standards in the beauty industry.

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written by Jodie Moss

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