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18 / 11 / 2020

Why should I book a model through an Agency?

written by
Jordan Hain

Planning a shoot can be incredibly stressful, booking a professional model through an agency can really take away some of the workload and make the planning run much more smoothly.  We're here to answer some of your questions.. 


Do I need to book a model?

We only represent models and actors we have worked with ourselves and taken the time to get to know, so we can be confident they will do an excellent job for our clients.  Booking a professional model through an agency offers the client security, that the model they are booking will look like their images, turn up on time, understand the brief and do a great job.    

Professional models have worked on many sets before and they know what works, and how they look best.  They will work with you on your shoot to ensure that it all runs smoothly and you’re getting the exact shots you need.  It also means everyone else on set will be able to do their own job without worrying about having to tell the model what to do. 



Why should I use an agency?

When you use an agency you are benefitting from the agencies’ knowledge and personal relationships they have with their models; they can guide you through the booking process, understand your brief and suggest the models who will best deliver for you.  An agency can send you tailor made suggestions, organise castings, handle the communication with the model and all of the paperwork, meaning less work for the client.  Agencies only represent the best models so you can trust that the model you are booking will be professional and friendly to work with.



How can I make sure I’m getting the right model for my brand? 

Our knowledgeable team of bookers pride themselves on getting to know our models; their interests and talents.  This means we can advise on the models most suitable for a clients brief.  We take time to fully understand our clients and their project and can therefore send tailor made suggestions.



Why should I stick with one agency? 

SR is committed to building long term relationships with our clients.  Getting to know our clients means we can better understand their brand and what they are looking for.  This means we can offer a tailor made service, spot new talent perfect for them and help them develop new projects.  It’s also nice to know you can trust someone to do a good job and know they will always go above and beyond to make your project work.



How do I book a model?

If you have any questions regarding booking a model, you can contact us here. Our booking team work hard to ensure we make the right suggestions for each brief, we’re always trying our best to exceed expectations and to maintain our preferred agency status for hundreds of clients.


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written by Jordan Hain

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