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We're on the Lookout for New Shoot Locations

written by
Emma Keal

We are on the hunt for new shoot locations to be used for photographic and video projects across London and the rest of the UK, so whether your location is a London townhouse, a period home, a country cottage, a city centre apartment, or you have a stunning outdoor space, we’d love to see it, please send some images and a description to [email protected].


At Sandra Reynolds, we are not just passionate about providing our clients with models for their upcoming projects, but we also provide the most beautiful and unique shoot locations.


Why list your location with us?


A lot of the jobs we book models and actors on also require a location.  As with all our bookers, our location agents always go above and beyond to give the very best service to both location owners and clients. Our booking process is straightforward meaning that we will handle all the logistics of bookings, negotiations, and contracts.


What we are looking for


Location: As much as the style of the property/space is essential to being a photoshoot location, there are other factors that need to be thought about such as access for crew & equipment and space for parking.


location house


Interiors: We are looking for something a little bit special! Homes with beautiful interiors, gorgeous gardens and/or unique exterior builds which would work for our clients.


spacious london location


Rooms: Large non-crowded rooms with well laid out furniture work best. A variety of furniture can be appealing to clients but it’s impossible for them to work around too much clutter, so if you’re not a naturally tidy person, hiring out your property as a location house probably won’t work for you (or the client!).


jacobean mansion location


Lighting: Large, light and bright interior spaces with lots of natural lighting are great as photoshoot and filming locations. Neutral interiors are most popular as it makes the property more versatile for a client, however feature & bold spaces can be great too!


coastal scandinavian style cabin


Outdoor Spaces: Similar to interior spaces, outdoor locations require suitable access & parking, and something special about them, whether it’s a beach, woodland, open fields, or something completely different, it needs to be unique.


lake cabin norfolk


How do I apply?


If you have a location you think we may be interested in representing and would like to work with a friendly agency, please send some images and a description to [email protected].

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written by Emma Keal

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