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Top 10 Actors To Watch For 2024

written by
Daisy Roberts

As a London-based commercial acting agency, we wanted to introduce you to some of our actors for 2024. We’d love you to consider them for any upcoming roles you’re casting for.

Contact our agents on 020 7387 5858 or email [email protected] for further information or availability.





Being relatively new to the industry, Leslie's look is popular with our clients at the moment. With recent bookings including IAMS (pet food brand), Specsavers, Samsung, Amazon and Weight Watchers, Leslie's journey into the industry was unconventional but rewarding. Starting off through street casting led Leslie to enrol at City Academy where he took numerous improv, screen acting, and Meisner classes.

What Leslie values most about the industry is the opportunity to meet cool new people and make good friends, and also to explore new places. He says one of his favourite experiences to date is his work with Marshall Music Studio, where he had the privilege of playing pianos that were once owned by George Michael.

Sandra Reynolds Actor Leslie Awuah

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Taslimah is a SAG-eligible actor who is currently the recipient of a BFI scholarship. She received her initial training from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London and is now further honing her craft at the Identity School of Acting. She is fluent in English, Arabic, Creole and French and is trained in firearms, stage combat, and sword fighting.

Taslimah has appeared in several films, including 'Atlas' (Netflix), 'Heads of State' (Amazon Studios), and 'Back in Action' (Netflix) and she is currently filming her first lead role in a brand-new psychological thriller series.

In addition to her acting work, Taslimah made history as the first Ms.Great Britain 2023 finalist to compete in a Hijab since the competition's launch in 1945. She is definitely one to watch for 2024.

Sandra Reynolds Actor Taslimah Rassool, Ms. Great Britain Finalist

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Bettie is a talented performer with a range of exciting upcoming commercial projects due for release in 2024. Her work includes commercials for BT, Piriteze, FIFA Women’s World Cup and a beauty campaign for Avon. Bettie enjoys the diversity of her work, which also includes voiceover projects, collaborations on documentaries, and stills campaigns. She received training in musical theatre at the Urdang Academy, bringing a triple-threat skill set to her roles.

Bettie has worked on several notable projects, including playing a role in a short film for MTV directed by Bafta Award-winning director Sindha Agha. She also danced in the Amazon film 'Red, White & Royal Blue', and featured in commercial campaigns for prominent companies like McDonald’s, Gala Bingo, BP, and Apple, alongside comedian and actor Nick Mohammed.

As the industry is ever-changing, Bettie embraces the opportunity to experience something new every day and values the chance to meet diverse people through her work. Her journey into acting began through her early training and competition in Ballroom & Latin American dance. Eventually, this led her to discover a love for acting and making people laugh.

Sandra Reynolds Actor Bettie Moon

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Abigail has a diverse background in both dancing and acting and holds a Diploma in professional dance from Performers College. Currently, she's honing her acting skills at Identity School of Acting. 

Abigail’s career so far has included commercial campaigns for Adidas, Bank of Montreal and the new SeaWorld in Abu Dhabi. She enjoys the industry's variety and jumps at the chance to collaborate with fellow creatives, finding joy in the unique opportunities each project brings. 

Abigail's journey into acting began as a career shift during the pandemic, where she discovered a newfound passion. She is enthusiastic about continuous learning and has an exciting new project set to release with the BBC soon.

Sandra Reynolds Actor Abigail Johnson

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Jen's journey into acting began by chance, and her success in the industry is a testament to the power of seizing opportunities and embracing unique strengths. One of her standout features is her hair, which she says, "gets me a ton of work!". Jen is a versatile performer who has a busy schedule ahead, she is set to shoot a series of commercials across Europe and is also looking forward to the release of a Major Motion Film in November 2024 (details kept under wraps), where she plays the co-lead's wife. 

Jen has had a diverse range of bookings, from projects like 'Sister Boniface' and 'Rivals', as well as collaborations with brands like Virgin Experience Days and Umberto Giannini. Jen says that each job holds a special place in her heart.

Among her favourite bookings is No7 Menopause Skincare, which began as a stills opportunity and then grew into a commercial opportunity, kickstarting a whirlwind of two years filled with excitement and growth in the industry. Jen's versatility shines through in her past work as a live presenter at car shows, promotional tour manager across the US, and voice-over artist.

Sandra Reynolds Actor Jen Collings

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Nathan is a versatile performer who has gained recognition for his comedic talents. He won "Best New Short <5m" from for his lead role in the comedy short "I Don't Like Sh*tting In Public". His performance has been praised as a "comedic tour de force" in a 5-star review that highlights his impeccable timing and relatable awkwardness with audiences.

Although Nathan was initially trained in music and music production, his journey into acting took an unexpected turn when he spent three years training as a Royal Marines reservist. Later, he pursued acting studies primarily at a Manchester Acting School, followed by a comprehensive Meisner course with Steven Ditmyer and various other courses.

Nathan's passion for performing stems from his love for creativity and the stage, which led him to pursue training in Manchester before making the move to London to further his acting career. Through his journey, he has discovered joy in the diverse opportunities and challenges the industry presents, continuously honing his craft and embracing new experiences.

When asked about his favourite bookings of 2023, Nathan stated " Paddy Power's big campaign for the start of the new football season which is still in syndication was a huge two-day shoot involving 120+ extras and getting to play a hero character in this was such a joy". Among Nathan's other notable work last year are his roles in a Dr.Who audiobook where he got to collaborate with British acting royalty and his leading role in the play 'The Prison"' by David Co’Mahony at The Arches.

Sandra Reynolds Actor Nathan Jonathon, Winner of Best New Short <5m

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Thara loves the boundless creativity that the industry offers and the opportunity to collaborate with fellow creative minds. Her journey into acting began with a twist of fate, as she became a finalist in The Voice Philippines. This led to an unexpected audition for a show, where she ultimately secured a role as the best friend of the lead character. This experience ignited her passion for acting, prompting her to pursue further roles in shows and movies in the Philippines. Later, she moved to London to continue her acting journey where she has appeared in commercials for brands including Nescafe, Pringles, Deliveroo and Nestle.

Thara took a 2-year course at Big Foot Academy of Acting and Film in the Philippines, as well as acting classes at City Academy, she has a blend of formal education and practical experience in acting. When we asked Thara what her standout moment in the industry was she told us "My favourite booking would have to be the commercial I played the lead in for Google which was shot in Thailand".

Sandra Reynolds Actor thara Jordana

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Sam graduated from Drama Studio London in 2020 and his journey into the industry began with his first roles in film and several commercial campaigns, including Huel, TM Lewin, Monkey Shoulder Whiskey and being the face of the Cricket World Cup campaign. Sam is eagerly anticipating the release of two new films he has a role in, both of which are scheduled for festival runs. 

We asked Sam to let us know what he loves most about the industry, he replied "We create worlds from scratch. I have been on big film sets and was always in awe about how literal worlds are forged in a huge hangar at Pinewood or other studios. I pursued acting fiercely and now I’m working amongst those who I always wanted to work with".

Sandra Reynolds Actor Sam Sharma

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Asha's journey into commercials was a natural progression from her extensive stills work - she loves how both modelling and acting complement each other. Her work includes notable bookings with brands such as L’Oreal Paris, Martini, Nip + Fab, TUI Holidays, Durex and Hilton. 

When asked what her favourite thing about the industry is, Asha explained, "The amazing people I get to meet and work with, constantly evolving and reinventing myself, the creativity, shoot locations, and seeing the work go live."

Asha's upcoming projects promise an exciting lineup of work with brands such as Amazon, IKEA, and McDonald's, showing her versatility and appeal within the industry.

Asha Modha Sandra Reynolds Actor

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Reece began his career with performances in popular musicals such as Hairspray and Motown, which helped him to transition into commercial acting. To develop his skills, he enrolled himself in Identity Acting School for six months, where he received training both online and in person. After completing the course, he landed roles in TV series like Sex Education and You. 

His work includes commercial campaigns with Dolce & Gabbana in Milan and BMW, and voice-over work for Tinder. Reece enjoys the diversity of the entertainment industry and takes pleasure in portraying a wide range of characters in commercials and TV shows. In addition, Reece has a strong foundation in dance, having trained at London Studio Centre for three years.

When asked about his favourite shoot, Reece said, "I did a campaign for Ecco in Chamonix, France which was an incredible location and team, and BMW, shot in Germany was really fun, as had a lot of script to play around with."

Reece Richards Actor at Sandra Reynolds

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written by Daisy Roberts

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