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26 / 07 / 2021

the benefits of working with an influencer

written by
Charlotte Lord

Influencer marketing has grown rapidly over the last few years, with the rise of Instagram and newly emerging social platforms like Tik Tok. In 2018 we added an influencer division to Sandra Reynolds having recognised that influencers were joining models at the forefront of brand marketing and advertising. With that in mind, we share the benefits of working with an influencer. 



As a brand, it is important to spread awareness about your products and reach a wide audience in order to convert attention into sales. Influencers will have already built up relationships, credibility and a level of trust with their followers that you can tap into. Their followers will trust their content and recommendations and therefore by working with them you can target your marketing to an already built and actively engaging audience. 


Julia Kristina

View Julia's Influencer page here



Our knowledgeable team of bookers pride themselves on getting to know all of our influencers, their interests and their specialisms. All of our influencers specialise in specific markets and areas of different industries. By using relevant influencers to your product, your marketing content is placed in front of an audience that is already interested in your industry, whether that be beauty, fashion, lifestyle or tech. This saves you from having to find the right channels to target your consumer; the influencer has already cultivated this target market on social media meaning your brand's visibility will be raised amongst followers that already possess an interest. 


David Calderon

View David's Influencer page here



Partnering with an influencer can form great working relationships. It can lead to natural and organic content shared by the influencer in the future if they genuinely like the product. The more genuine the posts and social content, the better the return in sales. 

Influencers will often allow the partnered brand to share their images on the brand's social channels which in turn provides you with original and beautifully styled content. 


Kristen Wojciechowski

View Kristen's Influencer page here



By working with an influencer, you have direct access to their analytics and data reach while it is live so you can analyse how your partnership is performing. Depending on what KPIs (key performance indicators) you have set to determine whether your campaign was successful, working with an influencer will enable you to track results through the number of page views, impressions and engagement the influencer has received on their posts. This will enable you to quickly see your return on investment and gather your sales data. 


Get in touch with our influencers booker [email protected] to book an influencer for your next campaign. 

Or call the booking desk 0207 387 5858

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written by Charlotte Lord

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