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10 / 05 / 2022

supporting mental health awareness week

written by
Charlotte Lord

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week.

From 9th-15th May 2022 charities, organisations and individuals across the UK will come together to support Mental Health Awareness Week.

Everyone experiences mental health differently but not everyone talks about it, is listened to or is represented. We all need support on our mental health journey and this year's theme is 'Loneliness'. Loneliness is affecting more and more people in the UK and hugely impacts people's everyday lives. 

Mental Health Week 2022


Here at Sandra Reynolds, we have put together our top tips for looking after our mental health, not just this week but all the time.

Talk. Simply talking to people you know can really support your mental health. Take time to ask your friends, family and colleagues how they are and really listen to their answers to support their mental health too.

- Be kind. Take the time to think before you speak and generate positive conversation. Avoid any language that speaks derogatively about mental health, this may make the person you are speaking to not want to open up about their feelings. 

- Educate yourself and others where you can about mental illness. Being able to share your knowledge and support people by knowing the signs and symptoms is vital to ending the stigma of mental illness. 

- Don't underestimate the relationship between physical and mental health. Eating healthily, exercising and getting enough sleep all contribute to mental health, stress levels and emotional states. Ensure you look after both to support your emotional well-being. 

Limit social media time, and ensure you only follow users that make you happy. Social media platforms are a great way of interacting with people you follow, getting outfit and holiday inspiration and sharing your recent work (especially in this industry) but it can take a toll on everyone's mental health. Try to limit time spent on social media, make sure you disconnect the filter from reality and if an account is affecting you negatively, it takes just one click to unfollow. 

Social media can be a brilliant way of promoting causes, why not get involved yourself? The Mental Health Foundation is encouraging people to get involved on social media by sharing a photo of a time they felt lonely and nobody knew. Add the hashtags #IveBeenThere and #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek and tag @mentalhealth on Twitter and @mentalhealthfoundation on Instagram and Facebook.


Take care of yourselves and speak to others! Find out more about Mental Health Awareness Week 2022 here.

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written by Charlotte Lord

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