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Spotlight's Bursary Scheme: What You Need To Know

written by
Erin Flock

New Spotlight Bursary Scheme




At Sandra Reynolds Agency, our team use various strategic channels to discover booking opportunities for our talented actors. Among these avenues, Spotlight stands out as a prominent casting platform which supports performers and industry professionals globally, collaborating with influential brands that shape the industry landscape. Essentially, we receive casting briefs from major brands seeking talent for their campaigns. Spotlight facilitates the connection by reaching out to us, and we carefully select and propose suitable talent for the specific brief. It is helpful for performers to be registered with Spotlight. However, it is not compulsory to be registered with them to be considered for briefs by us. We understand that registration can be expensive. Therefore, Spotlight has introduced their bursary scheme to help with the costs...




One of the biggest barriers for aspiring actors can be financial. Spotlight has introduced its bursary scheme to provide more options to help performers on their journey. Here is what you need to know... 


- Spotlight has introduced a flexible monthly direct debit subscription, which is available for new joiners and existing performers. 

- In addition to this, Spotlight is also introducing applications for bursaries. There will be 400 annual bursaries covering one free year of membership

- The scheme has been set up to help performers who are struggling with financial barriers to entry within the industry, as well as support current performers on Spotlight who find themselves in financial hardship. 

- Spotlight is also especially welcoming to bursary applications from performers who identify with communities who are underrepresented in our industry. 

- The bursaries program operates in four rounds annually, catering to both new and existing subscribers. Every three months, applications will be opened for this scheme, with the current round now closed, the next round of applications will commence in April


If you would like to find out more information and how to apply for the scheme, please click HERE

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written by Erin Flock

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