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28 / 01 / 2021

Social Media and Mental Health

written by
Isabelle Davis Crick

If you’re anything like our SR team, you spend a lot of your spare time flicking through social media, liking, sharing and posting. Apps like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok have become such a huge part of our lives, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic came about. Whilst these online spaces are a fantastic way to keep in contact with loved ones, discover new creators and engage with people from all over the world, the argument that social media has an impact on our mental health can be pretty strong. 

Today we wanted to share a few tips with you to make sure that your social media pages are a nice, uplifting and health friendly space to enjoy and escape from the madness outside! 


  1. Clean out your following list

If you’re spending hours scrolling through Instagram and feel like sometimes it gets you down, take a look through who you’re following. Instagram has a handy feature that allows you to see who you engage with least on your page, this might be a good place to start when clearing out your following list. If there are people on your page who make you feel uncomfortable, upset you or post content you find triggering, unfollowing them could help clear your mind a little. Make your feed a nice place to be!


  1. Set personal boundaries 

Having a presence online, though full of wonderful benefits, can open you up to comments that hurt your feelings, or give you a feeling of being judged. It’s OK to have personal boundaries when it comes to your own pages. The block function is there for a reason! If you’re feeling a little nervous about blocking someone, many platforms also have the option to ‘restrict’ people’s access to your profile - for example you can stop someone from seeing your Instagram stories.  Another great option is the ‘close friends’ feature on Instagram - allowing you to share stories only with the people YOU have selected! 


  1. Follow people who make you FEEL good!

Our final, and most important point is to enjoy your time spent on social media. Follow people you love, content creators you can’t get enough of and influencers who inspire you. There is no end of fantastic creators online posting almost daily with the sole intention of making you smile. Instagram can be a powerful tool for learning about other cultures, politics and art as well as fashion and beauty. Taking a bit of time to discover new people to follow could be just the thing to help you feel a little less stuck-in-a-rut. 


Below we have included a short list of the Instagram accounts we have been loving this past year, starting with three of our own lovely influencers:




Sasha launched #FILTERDROP last year, encouraging people to show their bare faces, empowering others to stop using filters and embrace their natural beauty. If you want a page for body positivity - you’ve found it. 

View her page here.



We love scrolling Amanda’s page, she has a huge passion for eating well and working out and she believes that being “healthy” is not only physical but mental as well.

View her page here.



David has a fantastic page bringing together his love of fashion and travel. His blog is chock full of great pieces including self-confidence tips for men.

View his page here.


The accounts below are just a few we’ve found recently who we think are doing great things!




The feelgoodclub ladies are two wives on a mission to bring some love and positive energy to your social media feeds. We love their motivational quotes. 



Run by Bronte King, gals who graduate is a fantastic page choc full on tips and a community of young women exploring the world post-graduation. They have also recently started up @guyswhograduate. 



Simple Politics is a great page ‘helping the UK have better conversations about politics’ and is a great way to keep up to date with and learn about current affairs. 



Last but not least, we’re sure you’ve seen these videos floating about on your social feeds - Proper Tasty shares fabulous recipes and treats to make whilst we’re all bored in the house!


Here at SR we all really enjoy a scroll down memory lane, posting pictures of pre-lockdown and keeping our friends, family and followers up to date with our lives. It’s been so important to all of us throughout 2020/21 to keep in touch. With the world news feeling heavy at times, it’s important that we have a nice place to escape to - we know the world isn’t always full of sunshine and rainbows, but why not have a few littered through your insta feed! Social media is a great place to be when you’re learning from and enjoying the content you consume.


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written by Isabelle Davis Crick

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