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17 / 04 / 2020

Shoot At Home: Kids and Families

written by
Tessa Dewing

Here at Sandra Reynolds we have a wide range of photographers, DOP's, actors, models, influencers and voice-over artists who have the facilities and equipment to be able to work from home and deliver photography, video, voice-overs, influencer content and more...


In today's blog we are featuring all of our kids and families who are able to shoot at home in home studio's and the landscape around them. A lot of our model couples and families include professional photographers so they are able to continue shooting high quality, commercial content at home during this time of self isolation. 


See below a selection of our families and kids available to work from home. If you have a brief you'd like to discuss please get in touch with
our bookers!


Tayaz Family - Actors and Voice-Over Artists
The Tayaz family are able to shoot photographic content as a family and record voice-over content in their at home recording studio.


Bryant Family - Models | Kryssy - Photographer
Able to shoot from home, photographer and mum Kryssy can self shoot and shoot her 3 children Evie (9yrs), Albie (3yrs) & Amos (1yr).


Grundy Family - Model Family | Phil Grundy - Photographer
Tess, Phil and their daughter Athina are able to shoot commercial imagery within their home, on the gorgeous farm they live on and the South Downs which they have a licence to shoot on too.


Nash Family - Model Family | Mark Nash - Photographer
Claire and her daughter Saffron are able to shoot at home with husband and photographer Mark.


Keal Family - Model Family | Matt Keal - Photographer
Matt Keal is a professional photographer able to shoot with his wife and 2 children at home for family photographic briefs.


Charley Lynn & Robyn - Models | Charley Lynn - Photographer
Specialising in new born and children photography, Charley Lynn has access to her own home studio to self shoot and photograph clothing aged 2 -3 years with her Daughter Robyn.



If you're looking for models, photographers, actors, presenters and voice-over artists who are still able to shoot & produce - check out our blog posts featuring a selection of our talent able to produce work from home here!


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