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11 / 07 / 2022

new faces: July 2022

written by
Katie Barnes

Introducing our New Faces for July! 



Male Model - Freddie Lund

Freddie began modelling in 2006 after graduating from Leeds University. His work includes modelling for Barbour, Head & Shoulders, BMW, Ted Baker, Nintendo and Sky.

Tell us about your funniest moment on set/in a casting?

"I once had to cast with a 6-year-old and the Casting Director suggested I tell a joke to break the ice while we were performing. I told the joke and it worked, although too well... The kid could not stop laughing; to the point where we were asked to leave the casting".

What are your interests/hobbies outside of work?

"I love sports, doing outdoor activities, travelling, seeing my friends and walking my dog. I also like reading and enjoying a good film".

What is your favourite thing about being represented by Sandra Reynolds Agency?

"So far it's been a really personal and friendly experience, which believe me is not always the case".

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Sophie has modelled for 7 years after being scouted whilst doing an internship in London. Over the 7 years, she has worked for a range of clients across the globe including COS, Anthropologie, Uniqlo and Jigsaw.

What has been your favourite modelling job so far?

"The jobs that allow me to travel are always my favourite ones. Italy is an amazing place to shoot, my latest campaign was for High, a couture brand and the location was a beautiful villa in Varese!"

Do you have any professions outside of modelling?

"I am a supporting artist for film and TV and I recently featured in Gangs of London Season 2, which I am really excited to see once it goes live. I also work in production, mostly for Fashion Week, I am currently preparing for an haute couture show in Paris... If you can’t find me on set or backstage, I'll be at my cafe in Shoreditch". 

What would be your advice for new models?

"Be interested in how everything works. When you get to set, introduce yourself to everyone. Days can be long but remember that everyone is in the same boat and you are part of a team!"

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Having grown up in a fashion environment with his mum being a stylist and working with designers, Angel became inspired to enter into the modelling and acting world. 

What clients have you had the opportunity to work with?

"I've worked with alcohol brands like Castel Lite and Flying Fish in South Africa as well as clients including Pepsi, BabyBjörn, Samsung, Oral B among others".

Do you have any interests outside of modelling and acting?

"I am a journalist as well as a voice-over actor and have had success with clients like Coca-Cola. Outside of work I enjoy singing and travelling. I am a social butterfly so I also love to catch up with friends and family".

Do you have any advice for new models/actors?

"Invest in yourself, learn the type of model you want to be, whether that be commercial or high fashion and strive to become successful". 

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written by Katie Barnes

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