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new faces: april 2022

written by
Katie Barnes

This April, we introduce the beautiful females joining Team SR.



Female Model - Wardah Khan

Wardah tells us, "I was raised as a shy girl from a Middle Eastern/Asian family. I dreamt of modelling but never had the courage to face people or a camera until I discovered that it was really meant for me". Wardah is an experienced archer, currently training for indoor competitions, she enjoys horse riding and loves to express herself through poetry when she feels down or needs some inspiration. 

What clients have you worked with?

"I've worked with Schwarzkopf, Jaguar, Juvederm, British Airways, Charlotte Tilbury and Tik Tok. Tik Tok was by far my favourite job so far. The campaign was projected on the Burj Khalifa in Dubai for New Year's Eve 2021/2022. Just imagine seeing your face on the tallest building in the world, TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY!"

Tell us about your funniest moment in a casting...

"Now that I think about it, it was quite funny... During my chemotherapy treatment a few years ago I was still attending castings with my fake wig on. During one casting in the summer, I was sweating so bad with my wig on so I left without seeing anyone".

What do you love about having Sandra Reynolds as your agency?

The female power! I never met another agency with all women on board. Not only they are beautiful inside and out, but they are also all very strong-minded too. Sandra Reynolds always replies fast to your questions, they are all super kind and have lots of positive energy.

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Classic Model - Jordan Trent

Jordan began her modelling career as an extra for music videos, films and TV. She was later approached by a photographer and began working for lots of his clients while building her confidence. With a love of fashion, Jordan is a fashion stylist and content creator outside of modelling and previously trained as a fitness instructor and massage therapist. 

What are your interests/hobbies outside of work?

"I'm still weaning myself off Netflix series as a result of lockdown, I was doing really well until Bridgerton... Post lockdown my biggest hobby is planning trips abroad!"

Tell us about your funniest moment on set?

"Since working alongside my photographer Zoe Griffin, every shoot day is full of funny moments. That is why I enjoy working with her so much".

Do you have any advice for other models/actors?

"Embrace every opportunity and be authentic!"

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Female Model - Sarah-Maeva

Although Sarah-Maëva has been modelling a lot longer, she only took it on full-time last year. She says "I never believed I could ever be a model because of my low-body confidence; growing up, I was very boyish. None of my physical hobbies nurtured my feminine side (judo, beach lifeguarding). I got talked into participating in a beauty pageant and as I won, I decided to challenge myself to see if I could do it. Being a full-time model/actress now is extremely surreal!"
What has been your favourite modelling job so far?
"One of my favourite modelling jobs was the commercial I did for Hawaiian Tropic. We shot on a wonderful summer's day and I got to jump on a trampoline, be driven in a vintage car and spend some time in a jacuzzi!" 
Do you have any other professions outside of modelling?
"I used to be a Sports Massage Therapist, I can massage anyone's hand into complete relaxation. Now, I am doing an MA in creative writing, as well as working on my first novel and poetry book!"
Tell us why you love having Sandra Reynolds as your agency?
"Sandra Reynolds is the most professional agency I have ever experienced working with and it makes a wonderful difference in my day to day life!"
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Female Model - Anita Kaushik

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Female Model - Lydia Mark

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Female Model - Nina Napoletano

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Female Model - Elisa

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Female Model - Kirsty

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Female Actor - Carma

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written by Katie Barnes

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