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meet the model & actor: marcus ramtohul

written by
Erin Flock

Meet model and actor, Marcus!

Marcus has been modelling and acting since 2009 and has worked for the likes of TESCO, Samsung, VISA, Eurostar, Pringles and Direct Line. 

We caught up with Marcus to learn more about his career, what he enjoys doing outside of work and his funniest moments experienced on set. 



What has been your favourite job so far?

"Andy and the Oddsocks - just for the variety; we perform for TV, theatre, at live festival gigs and on the BBC Sounds podcast. I love our work for the Anti-Bullying Alliance, and the constant laughs on and offset".

Andy and the Odd Socks are one of the most popular bands for young children in the UK at the moment. Currently starring on CBeebies and CBBC, Marcus plays 'Blu on Bass' helping Andy to help their fans and saving the day. They also tour the UK with their music and funfilled songs. 


Tell us about your funniest moments on set?

"Anything involving Stewart McCheyne 'Cousin Mac on Keyboards' and any of props on the set of Andy and the Band - if you know, you know!"



Do you have any other professions outside of modelling and acting?

"I worked in public libraries for London Borough of Barking and Dagenham for 17 years - during the lockdown, I returned to manage emergency food parcel deliveries and COVID vaccine centre projects. I am also a life coach and certified Getting Things Done® trainer, teaching people and companies how to live productive and stress-free lives".


That must be very rewarding, how do you like to spend your downtime?

"By spending time with my family, my wife and I have 2 daughters (who also represented by Sandra Reynolds). I like to travel, play rugby and play music, especially bass guitar and piano".


Your girls are also represented by Sandra Reynolds, what is your favourite thing about us as an agency?

"I love having Sandra Reynolds as my agent because clients ALWAYS speak so highly of the professionalism of the models and the booking team. I do so many jobs where clients talk up their experiences with Sandra Reynolds and their reasons for working with them and the talent time and time again. It feels great to be part of a well-respected team".


And can I ask if you have a favourite booker?

"All of the bookers are fantastic but I’ll always have a special place for Jessie who was part of the very early days of my career in Andy and the Odd Socks/Andy and the Band. It is not the most straightforward of jobs and quite a lot to manage from live shows to TV to filming at home and appearances at schools. The day we got series one commissioned was a great moment to share". 

Booker turned Head of Marketing Jessie says of Marcus, "Marcus has always been a dream to book, he is just so accomodating and personable. Over the years it has been so amazing to see the outcomes of all the jobs I have booked him on, especially the success of Andy and the Odd Socks. 


And finally, since you have been a model and actor for so many years, do you have any advice for other models, actors and people wanting to get into the industry?

"Be professional always. Make sure you are on time for castings and shoots, submit your self-tapes on time and reply promptly to enquiries. Get those self-tapes in no matter where you are or how tight the deadline is - casting agents and bookers KNOW you are busy but ensure you just do your best to get it in!"


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written by Erin Flock

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