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20 / 11 / 2020

Meet the Actor: Jason Lines

written by
Hannah Walmesley-Browne


Here at SR we love get to know our models and actors, this week we chatted with charater actor Jason Lines. 

Jason has only been acting for around 4 years but has now made being an actor and vocalist his full-time career. We were really impressed by Jason when we met him, he is such a gentleman with an incredibly professional attitude.  Keep reading to find out a little more about him, including his heroes, his challenges and his biggest achievements...



What is your favourite Job so far?

“Playing the Singing Horseback Warrior in the Just Eat television commercial last year. It was filmed in Poland and was just a fantastic shoot and experience.”


What is the biggest challenge you have faced?

“I am still fairly new to this industry so I guess the biggest challenge was finding the most appropriate agent to represent me, one who knows where to place me" (look no further Jason!). "I shall be 50 next year but I am always so pleasantly surprised and driven when I see other models & actors of a similar age doing well and getting out there. With this in mind, I was so thrilled to be taken on by Sandra Reynolds and am looking forward to working with you.”


What does a day in the life of Jason look like?

“I get up early,  prepare packed lunches for my 2 sons and lay out their clothes on the bed and breakfast on the table. I walk my youngest to school, put the house back together and then make a coffee and spend some time going through my briefs. Recently there has been a fair amount of self tapes to do which is always nice. I take my miniature dachshund Peanut for a walk and in the afternoon, I collect my son from school. In the evening, I like to relax by watching The Chase, University Challenge and other general knowledge type shows.”



Who is your hero / biggest inspiration?

“My Dad was my biggest hero and inspiration. He performed from age 16 to when he passed away 2 years ago aged 75. He made a lifelong career from singing and entertaining and made thousands of people very happy.”


What are you most proud of / what's your biggest achievement to date?

“Being able to be a Daddy. I hope I can instil some of the values that I was taught onto my two boys. Also, I was an investment manager in Financial Services in The City of London spanning 17 years. 4.5 years ago I left it to follow my dreams of full time singing, acting and modelling. My income dropped significantly but somehow, I’ve managed to stay afloat. It’s been extremely challenging, especially this year, but I still remain positive and get a huge buzz when a casting comes to fruition.”


Tell us about your interests - what do you love to do in your spare time?

“I like to play guitar. I also spent many years collecting vintage pedal cars that children used to play with and ride. My oldest was from the early 1940’s.”


How would your best friend describe you?
"I just asked and he came back with Focused, Courageous, Humble, Loyal and Adaptable. I think I’ve got something in my eye!"

Top tips you would give to someone who's wanting to start a career in modelling or acting?

“Be comfortable in your own skin. You can’t please or appeal to everyone but believe in yourself and go for it.”


Anything else you'd like to share with us?

“I would just like to wish everyone who has felt the challenges of this year in so many varied guises, a healthy and happy 2021.”

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written by Hannah Walmesley-Browne

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