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01 / 05 / 2020

Join Team SR: How To Apply

written by
Tessa Dewing


Today's blog post is all about how to apply to Sandra Reynolds Agency!


The lovely Katie on our Recruitment Desk will be taking you through everything you need to know about applying, what we need from you and what you can expect from us too. 


Hi Everyone... my name is Katie, and I work on recruitment at Sandra Reynolds. We are always looking for fabulous new faces and it’s mine and my colleagues jobs to go through all of your applications and get in contact with you to come in and meet us at either our London or Norwich office.  In today's post we'll be talking about how to apply to our agency and what you need to do if you're contacted to meet with us.

There are many attributes that we look out for but aside from your ‘look’ it is also impetrative that our artists have a friendly personality, professional and loyal attitude and lots of common sense! Being a model or actor can be incredibly exciting and rewarding work but it takes a huge amount of commitment and dedication.

Here are SR we work on an appointment only basis, which means we don't see walk in's so you'll need to apply via the website (which you can do here) and if successful, we'll invite you in to see us.

To help you out we've put together a short video to explain what we are looking for when you apply, what images you'll need to provide and how the application process works.


So, what next? You've taken some great headshots and you're ready to apply. Head to the our website here to fill out the application form!


If your application is successful we will invite you to come in and see us for a chat and take some casting shots. We want to make sure that the models & actors we represent are of the highest quality for our clients, which is why casting is important so that we can get a feel for your character and how you work in front of the camera. When you come in to see us we are looking for personality just as much as the right look so make sure to show us who you are, be yourself and enjoy it!



If you're successful and we invite you in to meet with us, we are looking to see you as natural as possible.  Making sure you're prepared is essential as the impression you make when you come in to see us is how we assume you will be if we send you to a client casting.  If you are late, scruffy or unprepared, we will assume this is how you always conduct yourself and we will be unliklely to offer you a place on the books.


Here are our top tips for preparing for a casting...


1. We ask that you arrive in a plain white t-shirt with blue jeans.


2. Your hair should be styled (down) naturally, casting shots should be a representation of how you look prior to any fancy hair do’s!


3. Makeup should be kept natural and minimal. Think sheer base makeup, groomed brows and mascara. Bare is beautiful.


4. Minimal jewellery, small studs and hoops are fine but we don’t want chunky necklaces and hoops.


5. Practice your moves - We want to know how you perform in front of the camera, and to know that we can get what we need quickly and efficiently - this is especially important to our clients. It can be useful to come up with a little routine, so that every time that camera clicks, were getting a new pose and a different look. 


6. Be YOURSELF! We pride ourselves in having so many different and wonderful characters on our books. We want your bubbly smiles, attitude and professionalism - but most importantly we need to get a feel of who YOU are as a model. 


7. When coming in to a casting with us, be sure to bring with you a USB of up to date images and previous work you may have done. 


**Please note that we are not affiliated with any other model agencies, freelance scouts or platform agencies (companies that offer to ‘build you a portfolio’). However we do occcasionally use social media to scout new talent. Unfortunately there are a lot of scams within the industry, so please be vigilant. It is always advisable to approach an agency directly and fact check before you proceed. We are happy to help.**


If you have any further questions about the recruitment process you can head to our FAQ's blog post here.

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