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How To Become An Actor

written by
Daisy Roberts


Hello, we're Model Bookers Daisy & Georgia, and we're excited to introduce our new social and blog series, "Spill The Tea," where we'll be delving into the details of the commercial modelling industry and sharing our insights and expertise. Whether you're a modelling pro or just getting started, our aim is to provide valuable information and tips to help you navigate the world of commercial modelling and acting, as well as information about our own agency's processes. So, sit back, relax, and join us as we explore the fascinating aspects of this dynamic industry.   If you would you prefer to view our Q&A video please CLICK HERE.


In today's blog, we are speaking to SR Actor Chris Edgerley about how to break into the acting industry. Chris shares his top tips and explores the differences between TV commercials and being on stage, so read on to find out how to become an actor...


Georgia: Chris, could you share what inspired you to pursue acting and how your journey began?

Chris: When I was about 13 or 14, my parents enrolled me in drama classes on Saturdays to bring me out of my shell. It was there that I made some great friends, and unbeknown to them, I fell in love with the world of acting and theatre and chose to make it a career. During my early adulthood, I recall seeing two on-stage productions, Joseph and the Technicolour Dream Coat and Oliver, and that's when I fell in love with the magic of theatre. I also loved the TV show Friends, and that is when I became obsessed with telling stories and the world of television - I just wanted to be on a screen!

Georgia: And how old were you at that point, when did your venture into the acting industry start?

Chris: At 18, I began my professional journey, and then I went to drama school and trained for three years, graduating at 21. Since then, my career has been thriving.


Sandra Reynolds Actor Chris Edgerley

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Daisy: Aspiring actors face many challenges in the industry. What advice would you give to help build a successful career?

Chris: As an actor, uncertainties are inevitable because it's a profession where there's no guaranteed promotion. Landing one job doesn't necessarily ensure that you'll get the next one, and there's no set pattern to follow. However, this is a good thing because every actor has a unique career, which is something to celebrate. Therefore, my advice is to grab every opportunity that comes your way, be open to new experiences, and go for it if it feels right.

Georgia: As we all know, networking is such a crucial part of your job. What is some advice that you might give to someone who's just starting out and how they can start their networking journey?

Chris: In my opinion, I don't believe that networking is getting on someone else's wave and riding that with them. Rather, it's about developing your own network, keeping an open mind and being open to new friendships is key. These relationships are the real treasure, and through collaboration and support, you can celebrate successes and overcome challenges together. Over time, these connections become a valuable and lasting network that you can rely on throughout your career.

Daisy: Auditions for newcomers can be quite daunting. What do you do and what kind of tricks do you have that you know help you perform your best?

Chris: You are putting yourself in a position of being vulnerable and open to criticism and critique. However, I like to look at it differently. I'm not walking into the room wanting anything because then you do come across as desperate, I'm going into the room offering something. It's crucial to prepare for the audition by reviewing the script or product and understanding who you will be meeting. When you enter the room, make sure to show your work and offer what you can do. If they don't like it, that's fine because it may not be the right fit. They have a larger picture in mind, and if you're not it, it could be a blessing because it means you're free for the job that is the perfect match for you.


Sandra Reynolds Commercial Actor Chris Edgerley

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Georgia: In today's world, digital platforms such as social media have become an integral part of our industry. How can you advise people to leverage these platforms to their advantage and establish a strong presence for themselves on them?

Chris:  Having a platform to showcase your work and build your brand is incredibly valuable because life is quick. Social media provides an excellent opportunity to advertise your work and availability, while also allowing you to document and catalogue everything you do. And at the click of a button, others can easily access your past work and see what you've accomplished. However, it's important to remain active on the platform to fully take advantage of this opportunity.

Daisy:  How do you find commercial acting differs from stage acting within your career?

Chris: Acting on screen and on stage differ in some ways, but acting is reacting. On screen, even small gestures and expressions like a breath or a blink can convey a lot of meaning to the viewer and tell an emotion. However, on stage, you have to physically show more since the audience may be seated far away from you. Therefore, I think you adapt to your audience and also the subject that you're telling the story on.


Thank you for tuning in to today's "Spill The Tea" blog session with SR Actor Chris Edgerley. We hope you found this blog post on how to become an actor informative and helpful. Remember, Chris's journey into the world of acting started with a simple drama class, his advice to aspiring actors emphasises embracing uncertainty, building a personal network, and approaching auditions with a mindset of offering rather than seeking. In a world driven by digital platforms, Chris highlights the importance of social media for self-promotion and creating a lasting brand image. We appreciate Chris's insights and wish all aspiring actors luck in their unique journeys. Stay tuned for more exciting "Spill The Tea" blog posts coming soon!

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written by Daisy Roberts

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