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10 / 06 / 2020


written by
Jordan Hain


Shooting at Home for Sainsbury's TU


Lots of our models have been shooting at home throughout lockdown...check out how some of them they got on below, for TU...

See Emelie's Page Here


Our client says “The pandemic left us feeling uncertain about how we might be able to continue shooting products on models remotely.  Sandra Reynolds made the whole transition into a new way of working so smooth and easy. Jordan was on hand round the clock to facilitate the bookings and was immensely helpful. The images that have come from this new experience have been fabulous, and our site has most definitely continued to be uplifted by these model shots. Thank you to Jordan and Sandra Reynolds for their amazing service, and as we begin to look into ways to resume business as usual, it’ll always be a great achievement to know we continued our model shot e-com throughout a global pandemic and got some wonderful imagery!”


View Amy's Page Here


We asked model Amy Lynch about her experience...

What did your WFH day look like? "The first big difference shooting at home presented (which was probably the biggest perk of it all) was not having to get up at 5:30am to get to the shoot. It was much easier to sleep the night before knowing I couldn’t be late or miss a train and being able to keep to my natural sleep cycle!

After rising I had to set up the studio by moving out all the musical equipment and setting up the lighting etc... It’s normally a lot more glam not doing any heavy lifting.

Another big difference was doing my own hair and make-up. One thing I will say as a mixed race girl with natural hair, it’s very rare that an MUA will do much, so I do always arrive to shoots with my hair ready to go, but I really enjoyed having control over my own make-up, as I always feel really comfortable and confident in my look when I have painted myself LOL."

Did you have any helpers from your household? "I had my partner helping as photographer extraordinaire, he’s been quite proud seeing the fruits of his labour pop up on the website."

How did you motivate yourself? "A lot of my motivation came from my partner complaining he wanted his studio back! Guitarists don’t like to be separated from their equipment too long, however I am a perfectionist so I am always motivated to do a good job. Plus I love the teams at TU and SR and would never want to let them down."

How did you find the process? "The process was fun, but it did come with some mild stress... little worries like Is the lighting good enough? Do the clothes look creased? Just little things on shoot day that are normally someone else’s job to worry about. The shoot came with a pretty clear manual, but I think my extensive experience working with that particular client really helped because I really know how things work in the studio which meant I was able to use my initiative if things didn’t look right."


View Kelly-Jade's Page Here


We asked Kelly-Jade how she felt the home shooting experience went for her... 

What did your WFH day look like? "I started my day with a big hearty breakfast. I then sat in front of my window to do my make up and laid out each look ready to shoot. I shot them in the order I thought would be quickest as I knew time was against me only having natural light to work with."

How did you find the processs? "I really enjoyed the process, the most difficult part was having to take each shot myself having my iPhone on timer but as a process I enjoyed it. When there’s too many hands on board sometimes shoots can drag, or too many opinions mean you have to keep reshooting, so being alone enabled me to just get the job done to the very best of my ability."

How did you motivate yourself? "My Spotify playlists got me through the day, also dancing around with my dog Rosie was a welcomed distraction at times."

What were the benefits of working from home? "One of the benefits was that I didn’t have to travel super early in the morning, which meant I saved petrol and also got extra sleep."


View Jay's Page Here

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written by Jordan Hain

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