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SR Influencers donate to Choose Love

written by
Tessa Dewing

Every year we hit the shops, searching for the perfect gift to give at Christmas - this year we’re doing things a little differently. Choose Love is welcoming shoppers back to its online store in time Christmas 2020, selling real products for refugees and displaced people in need of support.

For the fourth year running the online shop is up and running ready for you to give a gift that matters. Products available include wash bags, baby essentials and winter clothes. New for 2020 are the COVID-19 Support Pack and Support For Unaccompanied Children. Anything you purchase through the Choose Love store will be sent to those who need it most.



This year we have teamed up with our influencers to spread the Choose Love message as far as we can, and have been able to donate a fantastic £1190.  

We have paid for 14 nights emergency accommodation for refugees (that’s one night on behalf of each of our bookers and office team), and on behalf of our influencers we have managed to pay for:


  • Hot food
  • Warm Clothes
  • A Covid 19 Support Pack
  • An Emergency Bundle
  • Support for unaccompanied children
  • A Survival Bundle
  • Legal Support
  • Education for Children
  • Mental Health Support
  • Womens support
  • & LGBTQ+ Support


Our wonderful influencers will be spreading the message of Choose Love far and wide today and encouraging others to get involved.


"This is such a fantastic idea, so kind and nice. We are so honoured that you've chosen to support us and excited to see the Choose Love message being spread online by your influencers." - Philli Boyle, Head of Partnerships for Choose Love



"The Choose Love store is the world’s first shop that sells real products for refugees. Every item in our store represents a similar product or service provided by one of over 135 projects we support around the world. When you buy an item at Choose Love, we get it to where it’s needed most. Over the last four years this pioneering model has raised millions, supported displaced and vulnerable communities, and created a movement of people putting love and solidarity into action around the world. Choose Love has ensured hundreds of people have been rescued at sea, while providing thousands of tents, sleeping bags and nearly 1.5 million hot meals. It has also enabled vital services, helping people on the long road to rebuilding their lives."

There are half a million refugees across Europe, the majority of which live in refugee camps who need our help. Conditions in the camps are not suitable for cold winters, and aren’t covid safe.



On the Choose Love store you can send a gift personally or on behalf of someone else. Below are just a few of the gifts you can purchase:

  • COVID-19 Support Pack: £30 - This kit contains sanitiser, PPE and medical supplies to support those at risk and facing dangerous conditions. 
  • Support for Unaccompanied Children: £25 - These kits provide winter clothes, school supplies, recreational activities and phone credit for unaccompanied children. 
  • Emergency Blanket: £5 - These simple foil blankets are essential for responding to emergencies, helping reduce the risk of hypothermia and raising the body temperature quickly.
  • Baby Essentials: £10 - This gift of essential supplies helps parents take care of their little ones while living in a refugee camp.
  • Winter Warmers: £20 - Including thermal hats, gloves, scarves and boots, this set of warming winter essentials helps provide protection from frostbite for those facing sub-zero temperatures in their tents this winter.
  • Mental Health Support: £25 - This gift helps fund trauma counselling for children and families, giving people the tools they need to rebuild their lives. 
  • Future Bundle: £65 - Education for children, psychosocial support and the teaching of a new language it helps people reach their full potential.




“Despite the challenges of opening a physical store during the coronavirus pandemic, we’re really proud to still be offering people the chance to buy meaningful gifts for their loved ones this Christmas. The online store and pop-up on Carnaby Street will provide people with an opportunity to make a real difference to those who may not have a safe place to call home this Christmas. 

Refugee camps are facing their first year of Christmas with Covid-19, meaning resources and services are stretched even further to make it through the cold winter months. Gifts that people can purchase will provide essentials to help the most vulnerable to make it through Christmas.”  - Josie Naughton, founder of Choose Love


Many refugee camps are still under COVID-19 lockdown. In these lockdowns refugees are unable to access education or community spaces and people are forced into painfully overcrowded makeshift structures and tents sometimes for 24 hours a day. The threat of covid in cramped conditions coupled with a cold winter and uninsulated structures will make staying warm an issue of survival.

Globally, there is now less funding available for refugee support. The need for support really has never been greater. Around the world, over one hundred thousand people will be reliant on aid supplied by Choose Love this winter. Many people already only have access to medical care, decent food and essentials like nappies/diapers for their babies because of their funding.  




Let’s give a gift that matters this year. Join us in supporting Choose Love.

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written by Tessa Dewing

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