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23 / 03 / 2020

Sign Our Petition

written by
Tessa Dewing

This morning we received an email forwarded from Central - Creative Industries Federation we would like to share with you all - all of the team here at SR we will be adding our name to support all of the talent we represent, freelancers we work with on a daily basis and all of the incredible self employed individuals in the UK .

"We are writing to you today, to ask you to add your name to an open letter to the Prime Minister, to ask him to provide a Temporary Income Protection Fund for the Self Employed and Freelancers of our society.

Please consider that so many of the opportunities available to you as a member of Central Tickets are brought to you by freelancers and self-employed people in the Creative Industries.  There likely isn’t a single production listed by Central which has not been facilitated by or produced in some way, by self-employed people.

On Friday, the Government announced incredible measures guaranteeing up to 80% of the cost of salaries for employees who pay tax via the PAYE system. Sadly, the same assurances were not made to self-employed people who will only be able to access £94 per week in Universal Credit.

Currently, an employee currently earning £25,000 a year could access £20,000 per annum through the new job retention scheme, while someone who’s self-employed earning the same sum and paying income tax and national insurance, might only access around £5,000 worth of support by virtue of paying income tax through self-assessment instead of PAYE.  

This isn’t fair and we urge you to use your voice to apply pressure to the UK Government to expand its offer of income protection to self-employed people.

In Norway the Government has committed to pay self-employed people 80% of their average income over the past three years.   If you are of the opinion that the UK Government should do something similar, then we encourage you to join us and use your voice.

What can you do?

The Creative Industries Federation have written an open letter to the Prime Minister urging him to provide temporary income protection for freelancers. Please consider adding your name to it here and sharing it on social media.

You can write to your local MP to ask them to lobby on your behalf for self-employed people  (remember to include your full postal address, MP’s will only reply to those in their constituency).  Click here to find your local MP's contact details.

You can write directly to the Prime Minister, Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP at No.10 by visiting this link and completing the form.

You can write to the Chancellor, Rt Hon Rishi Sunak MP by emailing, [email protected].

You can write to the Leader of the Opposition, Rt Hon Jeremy Corbyn MP, by emailing,[email protected].

You can write to the Shadow Chancellor, Rt Hon John McDonnell MP, by emailing,[email protected].

Lastly, you can share this email with your contacts or via social media and encourage them to take action.

Thank you for taking a moment to consider lending your support.

Team Central"

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