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17 / 04 / 2020

Shoot At Home: Actors, Voiceover Artists and Presenters

written by
Tessa Dewing

Here at Sandra Reynolds, we have a wide range of photographers, DOP's, actors, models, influencers and voice-over artists who have the facilities and equipment to be able to work from home and deliver photography, video, voice-overs, influencer content and more...


In today's blog we are featuring a selection of our actors, voiceover artists and presenters who are able to film and record at home in home studios. If you have a brief you would like to discuss with us, get in touch with our bookers!


Donna Louise Bryan - Voice-Over Artist
Donna is fully equipped with a professional home recording studio to offer voice-over content.


Alison and Roberto - Actors & Models
With Roberto being a professional photographer and videographer, Alison and Roberto have access to a fully professional studio set up with the ability to shoot photography and video content.


Andrea Vasiliou - Presenter and Voice-Over Artist
Andrea is able to create voice-over and video content with a home studio, photography and audio equipment.


Kafayat - Actor and Presenter
Actor & Presenter Kafayat is able to create presenting and video content as well as images with a home studio set-up including backdrops and lighting.


Robert Cash - Presenter and Voice-Over Artist
With a professional recording and music production studio, Robert is able to create high standard voice-overs and audio recordings.


Charlotte Morgan - Voice-Over Artist
With her own recording studio set up, Charlotte has the ability to record voice-over content from home.


Chris Edgerley - Actor and Presenter
Chris is able to create voice-overs with recording equipment as well as having access to a home studio with lighting & sound to produce video and photographic content. 


Amy Burrows - Presenter
Amy has video equipment to offer blog style content in a lifestyle setting. She also holds very strong interview skills with the ability to do vox-pop style interviews via online platforms.


Leighton & Dean - Actors, Presenters and Voice-Over Artists
Leighton and Dean are able to work together at this time with access to plain backdrops, studio lights for presenting and are proficient in video editing.


Camille Davila - Voice-Over Artist and Singer
Camille has access to her own home studio to an industry standard, with the ability of creating voiceover content and editing to any specification including file size/compression and de-breathing. Also being a musician and composer, Camille is able to provide background music along with audio editing.


Jennifer Johnson - Voice-Over Artist
Jennifer has had her own home studio since 2006, and is competent in recording and editing her own voiceover content.


Katrina Nare - Actor and Presenter
Katrina has professional photography and video equipment and a great open space to shoot at home. Katrina's home interiors offer a gorgeous backdrop for lifestyle content.


Gary Hirst - Actor, Presenter and Voice-Over Artist
Gary has video and studio equipment to film presenting, acting and voice-overs at home as well as being able to write corporate and advertising copy, dialogue scripts and speeches.


Avril and Simon - Actors and Models
With a home studio set up including studio lighting and the ability to self shoot, Avril and Simon are able to shoot and film on white & grey backdrops for photographic and video content.



If you're looking for models, photographers, families and kids who are still able to shoot - check out our blog posts featuring a selection of our talent able to produce work from home here!



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