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24 / 02 / 2021

Our Top Tips for Casting Online

written by
Ellie Rowan


Over the last year, it is safe to say the world of casting has completely changed. No longer were we sending Models and Actors to bustling studios for castings in person; instead the whole world moved online. Suddenly, we were all inundated with self tape requests and Zoom casting slots.

As the world begins to open back up and things start to return to normal, we all hope to see the return of real life castings. However, online casting does seem to have made quite the impression and looks as though it could be around to stay for some time to come.

With that in mind, here are some of our top tips for online castings and how to make the best impression possible when casting from the comfort of your own home!


1. Make sure you have your full name displayed as your username.

Make it easy for the casting director to be able to identify you by using your full name as your user name on Zoom. Nicknames, abbreviations and emojis are all great for your Whatsapp profile, but for online castings, keep it simple! Casting directors want to see your full name so they know exactly who you are. They have so many people to see in one session and no one wants to miss out on a job because their username wasn’t clear!


2. Nail your set ups.

Spend some time testing out some set ups in your home to make sure you have the perfect space. Ideally, you will be able to find a set up where you can have a close, a mid and a full length shot; all without having to change the camera angle multiple times. The lighting is important so make sure wherever you are is well lit. Make sure you have a tidy space around you for your ident and profiles. This is likely to be a process of trial and error, so make sure you practise this before your casting slot!  Also, if you are using a smart phone, make sure these are always in landscape mode.



3. Don’t feel the need to change scenes.

If a casting requires you to play out multiple scenarios and different scenes, do not feel as though you have to change the environment and set up. This can take up lots of valuable time and really the casting team just want to see you showing off your best skills. No one expects you to be the cameraman, stage manager and actor all at the same time!


4. Props and costume.

While it is great to have a couple of props on hand to help you with characterisation, try not to hinder yourself by having too many. The same goes for costume and wardrobe choices; of course it is great to give a gentle nod to the character you are portraying, just don’t get het up on trying to completely transform yourself. Too much fuss can distract the casting team from your performance.


5. Learn the material provided as well as possible.

If you are provided with material ahead of the casting, try to familiarise yourself with the content as much as possible. Always know which casting director you are seeing, what the casting is for and what role you are up for. If you are unsure, always ask!!


6. Always be on time.

Make sure you are ready and waiting in the virtual waiting room ahead of your time slot. We have all had trouble at least once trying to enter a Zoom call, so make sure you are set up and ready with plenty of time to spare. Try not to wait until your time slot to log on just in case there are any unforeseen technical issues.



7. Breathe, relax and have fun!

The casting team will always want you to do your best so try to relax and have fun. Take on board any direction and tips they may give you and be adaptable.


Ro from Kate and Lou + Ro Casting - ''Always make sure you have practiced your set up before joining a zoom casting or starting to record your self-tape. We want to see you at your best and a well practiced set up will ensure you can focus on your performance instead of needing to adjust camera angles and lighting halfway through!"

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written by Ellie Rowan

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