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new faces: Summer 2021

written by
Katie Barnes

Over the summer, we were very busy welcoming lots of amazing new talent to Sandra Reynolds.


Ruby began acting at the age of 8 and has worked for brands including Clarks, Samsung, ASOS and Sky. Alongside acting, Ruby is a professional dancer, artist and also loves working with children.
What is an interesting fact about yourself?
"I hope to one day run my very own art studio".
What has been your favourite job so far?
"In 2015 I was in the production 'BOY' at the Almeida theatre. I enjoyed it so much because it is what solidified my drive and passion for wanting to get into the industry. The production itself was set on a revolving stage and actors played several characters. My main role was a teenager, recently made homeless outside Victoria station”.

Do you have any advice for other models/actors?
"Your worth and talent are not judged by the number of castings you receive or jobs you book so always remain grounded - what is meant to be will always find its way to you. Also, with every job comes the opportunity to learn….. so always keep that in mind!"
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Reece recently joined us at Team SR and is a huge fan of musical theatre. Before the pandemic, he was in the cast of Motown the Musical Tour where he played the lead Temptation singing My Girl and covering Jackie Wilson and Marvin Gaye. You might have also seen him recently in the new series of Sex Education. 

What has been your favourite job so far?
"I went to Cape Town to shoot a commercial for Mr Clean and it was gorgeous. Most of the time I was eating glorious food and taking in the beautiful culture. I had a driver assigned to me the entire week and he would take me wherever I wanted to go after filming. I love to travel so it was the perfect job for me".
What are your hobbies outside of work?
"Reading self-help books. I’m currently reading a book about different ways of thinking when it comes to managing stress called Mind Management".

Tell us some of the brands you have worked with?
"JD sports, Ted Baker, Runners Need and Swatch".
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Fiona began modelling 16 years ago and has since worked with the likes of Adidas, Premier Inn, The Wedding Shop and Tower Homewares plus lots more fashion, jewellery and make-up brands. 

What has been your favourite job so far?
"I couldn’t choose. I’m so grateful for all the jobs I do, I love meeting new and creative people and am always grateful not to be ‘mum’ for a day (apart from when they are booked for jobs with me)".
Tell us about your funniest moment on set/in a casting?
"It has to be when I had to dress in head to toe green lycra for a music video (Over & Over by Hot Chip) and do random things like hula hooping… it was a bizarre but hilarious job!"

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself?
"I reached the last 25 girls for Girls Aloud".
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Alongside modelling Ruvimbo is one part of a neo-soul/electronic duo called MVM. They released their debut single “No Hesitation” in May 2020 and she has worked with the likes of Curvy Kate, The Noire Collective, Taideaux and Bra Stop.
What is an interesting fact about yourself?
"I love taking self-portraits. I find it liberating to occupy a space where I decide exactly how I want to be seen".
What has been your favourite job so far?
"My favourite jobs are always those where I get to collaborate with other women creators. Last year I did a music video shoot for my band MVM with a full cast of women".
Do you have any other professions outside of modelling/acting?
"I currently freelance in social media and communications. What I love most about freelancing is the freedom to choose who I work with because it’s important for me to do work that aligns with my values. I’m currently working with an incredible feminist organisation called Level Up. They were instrumental in removing diet pill advertisements from Love Island and created the first media guidelines on how to report fatal domestic abuse".
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written by Katie Barnes

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