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new faces: February & March 2022

written by
Katie Barnes

Introducing our gorgeous new faces for February and March to Team SR.



Cannelle was scouted on social media. She tells us her most fun modelling experience was when she shot a video campaign for a hairstylist, "we shot with a rock band and had to dance, it was sunny and I was on set with a friend so it was so much fun!"
Tell us about your interests and hobbies outside of work?
"I do some bouldering and I love all outdoor activities. I also walk a lot and I'm currently learning the ukulele".
What clients have you worked with previously?
"New Balance, Bobbi Brown, Twitter, Berghaus, Schwarzkopf. Every day is different and I love it!"
What advice would you give to other models?
"Learn how to pose and to be confident in front of the camera. Research or ask your agent how to record a self-tape and how best to take polaroids. Personality is really important; you don't have to be an extrovert to do this job or someone with lots of talents but if you are nice, polite and smiling, clients will love to have you on set".
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Asa - Sandra Reynolds Agency

Asa has been modelling since the age of 15. She has worked with clients H&M, The Body Shop, Carhartt WIP, Wonderland and Neutrogena and can speak 3 different languages!
Do you have any other professions outside of modelling?
"I am an artist. I studied illustration and I am now a fine art painter".
What would your advice be to new models?
"Be yourself as much as you can and bring positive energy onto the set every time".
What is your favourite thing about having Sandra Reynolds as your agency?
"I love the wide range of representation the agency covers when it comes to ethnicities, body types and ages which is what we need in this industry". 
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Kae was inspired to begin modelling after watching America's Next Top Model. She says "shortly after I started, I began to understand tokenism, lack of representation and all of the other obstacles that come with being myself in the industry. From then, I vowed to become a pillar of change for other models". 
Can you tell us about your favourite jobs so far?
"UBeauty and A.J Hamilton have been my favourite jobs to work on! The team was amazing for UBeauty and it was a wonderful experience filming skincare which, at the time, wasn't something I'd done before. A.J has always been someone I've wanted to work with so it was definitely a bucket list moment for me!"
Who else have you worked with?
"I have been fortunate to work with an extensive list of clients including Trinny London, Sainsburys, Wagamama, Nubian Skin and Augustinus Bader".
Tell us about your funniest moment on set?
"I was on set for the BBC and my good friend was the makeup artist, we exchanged a look after noticing crumbs around my mouth and we both completely lost it, the poor cameraman had to pan to the other side of the room to distract from us".
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written by Katie Barnes

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