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07 / 04 / 2020

Meet the Team: Management

written by
Rhiannon Bond


In today's 'Meet the Team' blog, we are getting to know our Managing Director, Tessa Reynolds and our incredible Accountant, Alex (also known as 'Active Alex' around the office!) If you'd like to know what it's like keeping the SR team in check, keep reading...


As our MD, Tessa keeps us all in check, makes sure we're all working in a happy environment and is truly the engine behind the machine that is SR! Tessa oversees everything and everyone, making daily decisions that influence the success of the agency, it's models, actors and influencers. 


Before taking on the agency Tessa show jumped jorses an still loves to ride today. She has been working at SR for 26 years now after taking over from her mother, Sandra in the mid 90's. Tessa is truly a people person and is most inspired by kindess and hard workers - she tells us the best thing about her job is the fun we have as a team and always being able to rely on us.


Tessa's favourite thing to do outside of work is spend time with her two daughters and their ponies Bingo and Toffee. At her happest she is skiing in the moutains with her family. There are always plenty of giggles being had in their house and her two girls are still laughing about the time she asked Alexa to play her playlist 'Mum Ski' and she replied 'I cannot find the playlist 'Mum's gay' in your music library'. Tessa has many talents, however our favourite of her hidden talents is being able to make a bra out of a pair of boxer shorts... we have questions too! 


As Company Accountant, Alex gets the fun job of playing with numbers all day. She makes sure all of our jobs are invoiced promptly, clients pay on time and our models and actors are paid as quickly as possible!

Definitely the most sporty member of the SR team, 'Active Alex' spends her spare time as a ski instructor, rowing for NRC, running, swimming and cycling (she says she only does it so she can eat and drink what she wants!). Though happiest when all her family (and the dog) are home safe and well, she's also quite the adventurer and headed off to see the Rugby World Cup in Japan last year.

Her addiction to champagne means she fits into the SR team exceptionally well and she loves meeting friends at the pub on a Sunday afternoon to put the world to rights and laugh a lot.


We hope you enjoyed today's blog - head to the main blog to get to know the rest of the SR team here!

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written by Rhiannon Bond

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