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21 / 04 / 2021

Meet The Team: Juniors

written by
Rhiannon Bond


This 'Meet the Team' we're featuring the brilliant dream team behind our Juniors desk. Matching our amazing kids and families with fantastic briefs for a variety of clients is what Sarah, Maria and Poppy love to do, seeing a job through to the end and hearing how much fun our kids and families have on set makes the job so worth it! To get to know Sarah, Maria and Poppy & what life is like working on our wonderful juniors division, keep reading! 


Sarah has been a part of the SR team since 2016 working on the Juniors Desk. She works tirelessly with parents and clients and says that the best part of her job is knowing that we represent the highest calibre of kids who deliver amazing campaigns for our clients.

Sarah is a woman of MANY talents, and has worked previously in the world of broadcasting with Heart FM as well as with high fliers RyanAir! A devoted mummy to her two little ones, she claims that 'winging' motherhood is her proudest achievement. We think she has done a brilliant job and we love it when her kiddies come to visit the office. 

With big plans to renovate her 200-year-old cottage, Sarah relaxes by daydreaming about her gorgeous interiors and floor plans! As well as an interiors lover, she's also a big fan of cheesy films, Sarah says her favourites include Dirty Dancing, Pretty Woman and Grease! We absolutely love having Sarah as part of the SR team, and in her words "we're not a team, we're a family!"


Maria is a long-established member of the Sandra Reynolds Juniors team and has built strong relationships with parents, clients and council officials across the country, helping her with casting and licensing children for shoots. She says the best things about her job are working with her lovely friends and feeling proud of the achievements of our kids. 

Previously an Air Japan hostess, Maria is no stranger to the world of travelling and has indulged in her fair share of partying and shopping around the world. Having the love of all things French, she would love to learn to speak the language fluently and to make Macramé. She says a nice smile, kindness and a good sense of humour make someone sexy and luckily she has found all this in her fiancé Matt who manages to keep her out of trouble after too much prosecco - most of the time! Maria's proudest achievement is raising her son Noah to be an awesome human being and loves spending time with him at her caravan by the sea.


Introducing Poppy! Joining the SR team in 2021 as our office Apprentice, Poppy is working alongside the booking desk assisting with enquiries and helping to find the right fits for all of the briefs. 


Like most of the SR team, Poppy tells us her favourite thing to do is go out for food with friends. Any excuse for us all to go out for a meal or get a yummy delivery for lunch we are on it! Poppy is happiest in the sun, and couldn't live without her go-to essentials... her phone, make-up, her bed and food (of course!). On her lunch break you'll find Poppy shopping in Zara for a new staple item or two for her wardrobe, although it's definitely her shopping addiction which gets her in trouble most.


We hope you enjoyed today's blog - head to the main blog to get to know the rest of the SR team here!

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written by Rhiannon Bond

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