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13 / 07 / 2020

Meet the Model: Sophia Brad

written by
Rhiannon Bond

Meet the Model & MUA: Sophia Brad


Today we're chatting to the gorgeous Sophia Brad, curve model, make-up artist and influencer. Sophia tells us "I'll forever be a makeup artist. I have an undying passion for make-up and the magic it comes with. I'm in awe of how it can transform a person, firstly on the outside but also how it is able to work its magic to the inside and change a person forever once they see themselves. I love helping women find confidence through make-up and show them what I see is in them. I also love the fact I've inherited my artistic gene from my father who's an amazing painter and sculptor."  Although modelling is taking up more and more of Sophia's time now, she is still working as a make-up artist but mostly to TV personalities, influencers or on destination weddings.

Check out Sophia's make-up page here.



OK, let's get started! How did it all start with modelling?

I came to London in 2013 to watch the first British Plus Size Fashion Show and had been mesmerized by the beautiful models that walked the show, so much so that I ended up staying in London. A two week holiday has turned into my new home. The following year I was one of the models that walked the second year of British Plus Size Fashion week. I've met a lot of amazing people at this fashion event, one of them being the bookers from QVC shopping channel that scouted me at the BPSFW press event. They invited me for an audition and that's how it all started, I've been modeling for QVC since 2014. I've shot with many photographers, built my portfolio and been successfully working as a freelance model until I was scouted by the wonderful Sandra Reynolds team and have been working with them since. I've longed for an agency that I feel has my back and the SR team has done that and more. I'm ever so grateful for all the wonderful jobs I get booked for through you, as you always know what castings to send me to. Looking forward to many more after this lockdown is over :)


That's a lovely story. What's been the biggest challenge for you so far?

Learning that it's not personal. You either fit the requirements of the client or you don't.


If you could give advice to someone wanting to start out in modelling, what would your top tips be?

Research the agencies you want to apply to and try to get polaroids that go with their website vibe. Check out the socials of models you aspire to. Apply to all of agencies that you feel are a good fit for you and keep reapplying, don't ever give up. Keep going, don't let a no discourage you. If you get a no, just keep trying with building your own portfolio. Get creative on your social channels and take inspiration from models you follow and love.



What does a typical 'day in the life of' look like?

Day Off: I naturally wake up around 8am. I like to have chilled morning with a coffee, usually call with mum or my best friend and check emails and social media. I then get dressed, workout or go for a bike ride and cook something nice after. If I have some online content to work on I will do that, maybe film a makeup tutorial and create some content. I love to spend time with my friends so I do this as much as I can when my schedule allows. I also love going to nice restaurants for dinner, my favourites are Novikov (the Italian part of it) and the bar downstairs, and The Shard for the view. I have a habit of taking myself out on a date once in a while, depending on what mood I'm in. Sometimes if I feel like a French mood I'll just browse tiny streets in central London and find a place where I can sit outside and order a glass of wine with some bread and cheese, listen to some Edith Piaf and people-watch, make notes about future post and ideas that come up. Or, if I'm feeling in an Italian mood, I'll go to the Italian cafe in Russell Square, order a huge cannollo and listen to old Italian music from the 50's thinking of all the wonderful movies with Sophia Loren.
Working day: Usually on the set or filming social content.


Favourite and funniest experiences in modelling so far?

My favourite was the Sure deodorant ad last year, I loved how I could interpret a fitness role as a curvy woman. And the funninest / strangest experience I've had was people calling me Khloe on a set as they said I remind them of Khloe Kardashian.


You mentioned you love spending time with your friends, but when you're having some 'me time', what's your favourite hobbies and activities?

I'm a big spinning enthusiast, I love a good spin class and how it can take me to a place of ecstasy with good music and heart pumping, the gym forever will be my happy place! I also really enjoy going cycling in beautiful outdoor spaces, being in touch with nature is really important to me. Travelling is a big passion of mine, I love love love travelling and learning new languages! I've always wanted to be involved in the music industry too, music is so powerful and it can either enhance your mood or get you even more in touch with your feelings. I'd love to be a DJ one day or learn how to create beats.



Who is your biggest inspiration in life?

Both my mother and grandmother are my heros.


I think this is the hardest question... if you could only eat 1 meal for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Pizza, as you have so many ways of making it! Or I could definitely survive on potatoes as again, they're so versatile!


And finally, what're you most proud of so far in your career?

I'm most proud of myself for sticking out the hard times, for not giving up when life got tough after deciding to stay in London. It took me 4 months of couch surfing before I got my job in make-up and eventually being scouted by QVC.


Check out Sophia's page here.


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written by Rhiannon Bond

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