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28 / 03 / 2019

Meet the Model: Jess Munro

written by
Rhiannon Bond

This Month we invited Jessica Munro to write for us, introducing herself and telling us all about how she juggles her modelling career and her thriving design company. You can find the brown-eyed beauty on her modelling and body pages. Take it away, Jessica!



What modelling taught me about branding and how I use it in my design business - By Jessica Munro



I was lucky enough to join Sandra Reynolds at around the age of 21, shortly before enrolling at University of The Arts to study Digital Media Design. Modelling was definitely one of the best student jobs a girl could ask for and so very early on I had to master the art of juggling two roles, without letting one fall behind. 8 years on, nothing has changed and I am still a full time juggler!


Now a qualified graphic and web designer, I run my own freelance branding business, creating brand identities for other female entrepreneurs and lifestyle businesses. My clients are drawn to my work because of it’s clean feminine style and I’m passionate about helping others take the first step in creating their dream business.



My Modelling Career


I’ve been very lucky to model for some amazing brands over the years and be part of some very talented creative teams and photographers. Modelling has made me understand the importance of imagery when it comes to branding and on each photoshoot just knowing a little more about the brand helps me to get into character.


Ironically, something I later found more difficult was having some pictures done as ‘me’ for my design business and not me as a model. I was comfortable in front of the camera, but not so comfortable or certain of what image I wanted to portray of myself.


From Model to Business Woman


This is when I discovered my passion for personal branding - after overcoming the struggle of creating my own. In a nutshell, I realised there was no ‘way’ to be or act and it was simply just to be yourself. By taking your own beliefs, values, likes, interests, favourite colours, style and tone of voice, you can create your own unique personal brand. With more and more people wanting to work remotely and build businesses from social media, having a personal brand is an important way to market yourself and make yourself stand out online.


This is why I decided to join forces with photographer Kate Sharp and offer a complete service of brand strategy, design and photography. Meaning not only do my clients get a professionally designed logo & brand identity, but they also get a library of branded images to use across their website and social media.




I’m also able to use my modelling experience to coach clients through their shoot when they’re not used to being in front of the camera and help them feel at ease. 


I’m so grateful to be able to apply my knowledge from modelling into my design business and equally love chatting to clients on modelling shoots about their creative process and vision for the day. I hope to be juggling both of my passions for as long as I can!





Thank you, Jessica!


Such a lovely read from Jessica Munro! We are in awe of her fantastic attitude towards work, both modelling and design. You can find Jessica on her instagram page (@jessicamunro) to see what she's up to day to day, or check out her fantastic website (www.jessicamunro.com) to take a peek at her design work.



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or call 020 7387 5858

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written by Rhiannon Bond

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