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04 / 01 / 2019

Lynda Maggar: How to look great at 68

written by
Tessa Dewing


What is the key to maintaining a youthful look when you're over 60? One of our classic models, the gorgeous Lynda Maggar, was recently interviewed by The Daily Mail about her top tips for staying young at 68. Lynda detailed her daily regimen and we think it's full to the brim of handy tips and tricks.



Photoshoot with Lynda Maggar from Sandra Reynolds Agency



At age 60 Lynda returned to modelling after a 35 year hiatus. She joined Sandra Reynolds two years ago and has been booked on shoots for fantastic lifestyle brands such as Woman & Home Magazine.


Lynda says that returning to modelling later in life has been an empowering experience and proves that you can do anything at any age. But what are her secrets to maintaining a youthful look?



DIY Daily Facial


Lynda swears by DIY daily facials. These days her daily skin regimen has five steps both in the morning and at night. She begins the day with cleansing milk, toner, day cream, serum and flash balm, and ends it with cleansing balm, toner, regenerating cream, eye cream and firming throat gel. This may seem like a lot, but Lynda sees it as general maintenance and believes it makes a worthwhile difference.



Photoshoot with Lynda Maggar from Sandra Reynolds Agency



Collagen Supplements


For the past fifteen years, Lynda has taken nightly collagen supplements. Collagen is great for strengthening nails, improving skin elasticity and keeping hair healthy. Lynda says the supplements have made a big difference, particularly to her hair, which is still thick and voluminous.





Friends of all ages


How do you keep up-to-date at 68? Have friends of all ages. Lynda says that spending time with people of different ages allows her to keep up with new trends, from Netflix to fashion. She spends quality time with her 28-year-old daughter and also visits two friends who are in their mid-80s every week.





If you'd like to see more shots of Lynda Maggar, head over to her page on our website.



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