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26 / 10 / 2020

How to be a Curve Model

written by
Georgia Butler


How do I become a plus size model?

The modelling industry is forever changing and in recent years has seen a huge boom in curve modelling. Body positivity activists, designers and models have been pushing for inclusivity and the industry has listened! We absolutely LOVE seeing all shapes and sizes represented in adverts, on screen and on the catwalk. With curvy goddess Ashely Graham ranking as the 10th highest paid model and as we see more and more brands creating inclusive clothing lines the time to become a curve model is now!

Have you been thinking about becoming a curve model and strutting your stuff in front of the camera? We’ve put together this post to give you a little insight into the world of plus size modelling, how to get involved and introduce you to some of the beautiful curve models we represent here at Sandra Reynolds Agency. 


(Corrine Mensah, Sophie Waldron, Sasha Pallari)


What size do I need to be to be a curve model?

At Sandra Reynolds we ask that you are a UK size 12 or above.


What kind of jobs can I get?

All sorts! So far our curvy ladies have been booked with brands such as Avon, Remington, Sainsburys Tu and  Wed2B!


Curve modelling at Sandra Reynolds

It has been really great to see brands embracing all body shapes & sizes for their campaigns. It shows a much fairer representation of our society, compared to what we have seen in previous years. The most important thing I look for in models is confidence. We want our girls (& guys!) to love their bodies and be proud to show them off. This always shines through in their photos and makes our clients want to book again and again.” - Head Booker Jessica Tracy


(Sophia Brad, Emma Gargill, Eliza O'Reilly)


How do I apply to be a curve model?

We are a highly respected commercial agency, we pride ourselves on an honest approach so that we may build lasting relationships with our models. Though having the right look is important, we also want you to be well groomed and have a professional attitude.

Whether you’re a curve model based in London or elsewhere, If you reckon you’ve got what it takes to be a curve sensation, click here to apply!



To take a look at our curve category click here.

If you’re interested in taking a look at some of our newly recruited curve ladies take a look here!

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written by Georgia Butler

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