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15 / 01 / 2022

How do I join the agency?

written by
Jordan Hain

We often get people contacting us with questions before they decide to apply to the agency. Naturally, you are curious about what we are looking for, how the process works and what we are like to work with. We have popped together some of our most frequently asked questions about joining the agency below.

Can I be with other agencies as well as Sandra Reynolds?

We are a non-exclusive agency, which means our models and actors can be with other agencies. However, we do not represent models who are signed to lots of different agencies as this can lead to clients “shopping around” to get the best/lowest price for you. Also, you may be going forward for the same brief multiple times which clients don't like - this does not actually increase your chances of work and can also mean that our clients no longer see your look as fresh and new.

Our recommendation would be to sign with one or two other agencies covering different areas, for example, some of our actors will have an agent that deals with their theatre and TV work and we will deal with their stills and TV commercials, or we may deal with a model's commercial work and another agency may handle all their editorial work. We cover all of London, the South East and East Anglia so it would be fine for you to then also be with another good agency in Manchester for example. However, Sandra Reynolds Agency should be the model or actor's only agency based in and to obtain work in East Anglia.

Do I need to be experienced?

Not at all! We consider new faces as well as models who have had previous experience. All that we ask is that you are personable and confident. If you are successful in the first stage of the recruitment process, we will ask you along to one of our new faces days. Here we will take some photos of you to get an idea of how you work in front of the camera.

It is important to bear in mind that there are many qualities we look for in a model, other than just looking good in front of the camera. You must be well presented, flexible, punctual and organised too!

Am I tied into a contract with SR?

Our Terms and Conditions set out our terms of business (what we expect from you and what you should expect from us) which you must agree to in order to be represented by us however, we will not tie you down to having to be with us for a certain length of time. We believe it is important that our working relationship is one of mutual respect - we work hard for you and we expect the same back. We hope that our models are with us for a long time and that they are with us because they enjoy working with us, not because they have signed a contract they cannot get out of! If at any time you wish to leave us, we only ask that you honour any jobs we have you booked for at that point.

Where are you based?

We have offices in London and Norwich. We hold recruitment days at both, so you are welcome to come to the location most suitable for you.


What does it cost to join your agency?

There are no upfront fees to join our agency. There is a yearly publicity fee of £60+VAT (£72) which is added to your account on 1st January each year. This fee covers the cost of producing and updating your SR publicity material including website page, cards and update shots when you need them. You do not pay this up-front, it is deducted from your first job each year. Should you not book any jobs, this fee would not be chargeable.


What kind of clients do you have? 

We are a commercial agency so usually work within the lifestyle or commercial sectors. This can include but is not limited to travel and tour operators, food and drink, e-commerce, beauty, automotive, fashion and jewellery, technology and fragrance. Our models work with household brands such as Gillette, Virgin Cruises, Samsung, L'Oreal, Specsavers, Sainsbury's, Ford, Kellogg’s, First Choice, M&S, Charlotte Tilbury, Mini and hundreds more!


What are you looking for in a model or actor?

As a commercial agency, we are looking for models and actors of all shapes, sizes, ages and ethnicities. The way you look is only a part of what we consider when assessing if you are suitable for the agency. Models we send to shoots must represent the agency well, so we will also be looking for talent who are confident in front of the camera, personable, punctual, organised and well presented at shoots and castings.

It’s also worth thinking about what sets you apart from the rest – do you have an interesting skill, hobby, business or story?


Do I have to be a certain height?

Not at all!  We have models on our books of all heights.  It is worth bearing in mind however that your height would determine which division you go into.  For example, if you are below 5’7” you would not go into the main model or classic divisions but we have a lovely petite division, which you can view here.


Do you take older models?

Absolutely!  We run a highly successful classics division and receive lots of briefs aimed at older models. You can view our classics division here.


How will I know if I have been successful or not?

Due to the high number of applications we receive (more than 200 per week), we are only able to get back to successful applicants. This process can take 3-4 weeks. If you have not heard from us after 4 weeks please assume that on this occasion your look is not right for the agency. If you are successful we will contact you via email to arrange a meeting at one of our new face casting days. Please keep an eye on all of your mailboxes including junk.


Do I need professional pictures in order to apply?

No these are not necessary. If you have professional shots that's fine, however, in the initial stages of your application shots taken on a phone with minimal makeup and natural light are perfect for us to see you clearly and assess your suitability for the agency. Try to take these against a plain background – a white wall or door is perfect. One headshot, one full length shot and a smiley shot, showing your teeth is all we need, please note these images need to be 200-300kb in order for your application to submit. To find out more about the application process and for more hints visit this blog post.

We will take a selection of photos at the new face casting day which will be used to promote you if you are offered a place on the books. If you have no professional images we may also suggest you book a test shoot but will discuss this with you.


Can I just be with you as a hand model?

Yes, as long as you are experienced. If you would like to join us as a hand model please submit clear snapshots of your hands only when filling out the join our agency form.


How much money will I earn as a model?

As an agency, we can never guarantee work or tell you how much you will earn. We will only offer you a place on the books if we feel you will work well with us as the last thing we want is to have models on the books who are not working, however, ultimately we cannot tell our clients who to book! We can recommend who we think will work well for their brief but it is their choice whether they would like to see you for a casting or book you. We do work on a request casting basis, which means our bookers will be submitting you for briefs you are suitable for on a daily basis. We would then only contact you should the client wish to shortlist you for their shoot. If you are confirmed, your rates are based on your time on set plus the usage of the images taken on the day.  Rates can range from hundreds of pounds all the way up to the high thousands, depending on how well-known a brand is and how large the usage they require is.


I am not based in London, can I still join?

Of course, as long as you are happy to travel as we have clients based all over the UK as well as internationally. However, the majority of our castings and shoots do tend to happen in London. It is worth bearing in mind that whilst some clients will, not all clients will be happy to cover your travel expenses if you are outside London but hopefully, your fee will still make this worthwhile for you.


Are your books always open?

Yes, our books are always open so get your application in via the link below!


How can I apply?

Apply to be represented here.

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written by Jordan Hain

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