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04 / 02 / 2021

Casting Shot Updates

written by
Katie Barnes

Up to date casting shots are so important as they give clients a true depiction of your unedited appearance, especially now big castings are taking place less and less.  In normal times we are able to update these for you at our offices but this has been either difficult or impossible in the last few months. Any time your look changes, or every year to 18-months we need you to update these.  We have put together some information below to help you get the shots required when you are unable to come into our offices.  You can either do this at home or on a test shoot you may have booked with a photographer.
We need a selection of headshots and threequarter-length shots with different expressions, including some smiling and laughing.
When preparing for your casting shots, please make sure to follow the below criteria:
- Ideally, they should be taken on a plain white background with even lighting.  However, if you are taking them at home, it is best to take them outside on a light coloured wall or fence or with a white sheet behind you so you do not get shadows on your face.  We can edit the background here.
- Please wear a plain white t-shirt or shirt and blue jeans.
- Your hair should be styled (down) naturally, casting shots should be a representation of how you look prior to any fancy hair styles!
- Make-up should be natural and minimal. Think sheer base, neutral colours, groomed brows and mascara.
- Minimal jewellery, small studs and hoops are fine but no chunky necklaces and hoops.
Shots needed - please include a selection of the following:
- Head Shots (some smiling and some serious)
- 3/4 Length Shots (below the knee, some smiling and some serious)
- Shoot a mixture of poses with some looking directly into the camera and some looking away. 
Following your shoot, please send all of your images to [email protected], please do not retouch images as they need to be as natural as possible.

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written by Katie Barnes

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